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Thread: SR20DE/VE/DET Engine Bolt Size, Length, Thread Pitch, Quantity List

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2013-09-16 02:12:18
SR20DE/VE/DET Engine Bolt Size, Length, Thread Pitch, Quantity List
Ok, Ive searched and searched the internet for a list of common bolts on the SR20 engine and nowhere does there seem to be any listing. So for those wanting all new bolts for their builds such as me, its kinda a PITA that the FSM or any other manual out there doesn't list the bolt sizes, pitch, and lengths for any given part. So here is my list of what ive measured out soo far. Feel free to add in other common bolts such as the bellhousing and starter bolts for both 5 speed and 6 speed transmissions. Ill see what I can dig up soo far.

Listed as follows = Bolt location - Bolt Size X Thread Pitch X Length in millimeters - Quantity

Front Cover/Oil Pump Bolts - M6X1.0X20 - 10 Note: Measurement was taken from the lock washer to end. Total length is 12mm

Oil Filter Housing - M8X1.25X50 - 3

Rear Main Seal Housing - M6X1.0X20 - 4

Lower Oil Pan - M6X1.0X10 - 11

Oil Baffle Large and Small - M6X1.0X10 - 14 Note: Measurement was taken from the lock washer to end. Total length is 12mm

Upper Oil Pan - M8X1.25X25 - 7, M8X1.25X35 - 7, M8X1.25X? - 1, M8X1.25X? - 1

Head to Front Cover - M6X1.0X20 - 2

Head to Block - M6X1.0X20 - 1, M6X1.0X40 - 1

Intake Manifold to Head - M8X1.25X30 - 5

Coolant Pipe (Back of the Head) - M6X1.0X20 - 2

Alternator Bracket to Head - M8X1.25X20 - 2

Upper Coolant Housing (Front of Head) - M6X1.0X15 - 3

Valve Cover Bolts (For those using TDMI Washers) - M6X1.0X30 - 13

Distributor Bolts - M8X1.25X25 - 2

VVL Solenoid - M6X1.0X25 - 4

Passenger Engine Mount Bracket to Block - M10X1.5X60 - 3

Passenger Engine Mount to Bracket - M10X1.5X25 - 3

Thermostat Housing to Head - M8X1.25X110 - 2

Thermostat Housing - M6X1.0X20 - 3

Axle Carrier Bracket - M10X1.5X30 - 4

Axle to Carrier Bolts - M8X1.25X35 - 3

Thats all I have for the moment. I gotta take some measurements of the two longer oil pan bolts to fill in the lengths. Ill be measuring some other bolts later on and adding to the list. If you have any for sure measurements and bolt sizes and thread pitches, post up and ill add them on.
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2013-09-16 02:29:24
I look forward to more measurements in this thread from others as well, I hope.
2014-05-22 06:19:46
Thank you. Very helpful.
2014-05-23 20:43:35
Upper oil pan long bolts - M8x1.25x60 x2
2014-06-01 19:11:19

Coolant temperature sender / sensor
2 wire - m12 x 1.50
1 wire - m12 x 1.25
2015-09-25 13:26:15
Thank you for this!! I am amazed that the manuals leave out this information, even the Fast Cdrom does not have all the measurements, just part numbers, which does not help locating the correct bolts.... Like when you removed them, had them organized and then some magic happens and they end up jumping off the work bench, out of their containers and on to the floor... Thank you again!
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