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Thread: Roll Center Myths and Reality by Wm. C. Mitchell

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2013-09-18 18:49:00
Originally Posted by hammerin

Yeah, I really don't know why it needed to be a secret... Joe admitted it needed to be redesigned.

And now the big question, does a B15 ball joint work on a B14 lca/knuckle? I noticed rockauto has different part numbers, B15 vs B14. I'm guessing they don't fit a B14?

Some people don't care to be the ones responsible for defaming a company, some people get tired of arguing, some people don't like giving out information, etc. I personally like sharing information publically, but that's because I learn as I go, and I want to help others too.

As for knuckles and ball joints, B15 one is probably the same diameter rod, but it does seem bigger. I can measure it here in a few days when raise up my suspension on the b15.
2013-09-18 19:23:45
some company is not worth supporting, especially one that talks shit about our community over and over and over again.

my edited post #30

a ball joint with a longer base but same length shank is not going to fix anything. unless the ball joint is in the knuckle like the Subadus. even if you run a longer shank ball joint, it's still not done right. the ackerman is at the stock location and you will not get full benefits off this.

there's more math/calculation/theory that is involve to get it done right. the info is out there, best to search around the S chassis guys.

IMHO if you want to get a product because a company says it's good then anything on ebay made in china are great product. Proper research is still needed no matter how good the company is. I'm not bashing 2J cause they do make other great stuff.

edit: a good example of how it should be done is the MotoIQ dog car.
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2013-09-18 19:32:34
Keo and Vadim, spot on!

Never thought I would see Keo respond to this (oh I'm back from my 5 hr lunch BTW ).

In all honesty, the info has been out there for ages. But since people rather yell, scream, call others name, shout and blindly follow someone who bashes our community, instead of actually trying to have an informative debate and discussion, and form a genuinely well informed opinion, this place will never go anywhere..........Sad truth of the SR20 community

P.S Not gonna lie, the old forum has some seriously good information in regards to suspension design on these cars! Kinda miss those days
@hammerin hank, I hope you finally have had your answer you had to pull teeth to get
2013-09-18 20:29:37
Wow, smiley overload.
2013-09-18 20:36:01
@Kyle , you know I am a happy man
2013-09-18 21:16:54
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2013-09-18 21:36:11
The response I expected, thanks!
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2013-09-19 00:26:36
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2013-09-19 00:37:18
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2013-09-19 01:30:19
Hank, you clearly have some sort of a personal issue.

No need for such behavior. For a gentleman twice my age, you are sure acting like a very childish and disrespectful person.

Dude, good luck to you. If you need to reach out for some help, pm me
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