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Thread: Nissan Camshaft Oil Spray Bars

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2012-05-06 02:02:31
Nissan Camshaft Oil Spray Bars
This is the 2nd set I have taken out of an engine and replaced with brand new Nissan OEM spray bars.

Both older spray bars that I removed had smaller holes and the replacements had larger holes. The part number has been changed and I strongly believe that the part was updated or revised. More oil on the cams and upper cylinder area is not gonna hurt.

The top spray bar is the one I removed from the engine.
The bottom spray bar is the new, Nissan OEM spray bar.

The part numbers are:

I hope this becomes a sticky to inform some people.

Or you could take a small punch or drill and make the holes larger yourself. But don't hold that to me, I would rather just by a new OEM part for $25 a side and call it a day.

Thanks to Richard G. Anderson for noticing the difference and bringing this to my attention. Greg V never heard of this also.

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2012-05-06 02:08:13
Interesting. Is it the same oiler as in the RRs?
2012-05-06 02:08:17
interesting....im subd for the pics
2012-05-06 02:12:53
I am 99.999% sure that Roller Rocker engines do not have these spray bars.
2012-05-06 03:03:00
Pictures are now hosted.
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2012-05-06 04:25:17
Originally Posted by squirlz
Interesting. Is it the same oiler as in the RRs?

Originally Posted by Viprdude
I am 99.999% sure that Roller Rocker engines do not have these spray bars.

You are correct RR's don't have spray bars since the roller rockers have a lot less friction.
2012-05-06 04:27:22
Those are for/from a lowport right?
2012-05-06 04:38:10
Highport and lowports and Gti-Rs are what I can confirm since I have pulled and looked at all three.
2012-05-06 05:33:46
Ive heard this issue before hence the reason nissan aknowledged it and made the holes larger on the revised set. Oil sludge builds up and starves the cam lobes of oil causing them to wear fast and in some cases destroys the cam. I going to hog out my holes just a tiny bit .

Your dad is the man Kyle for bringing this up i forgot about this issue .
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2012-05-06 13:51:04
Could anyone post the part numbers? I was quoted 200$ for a pair at my nissan dealer (and they called it a Bluebird motor? wtf)
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