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Thread: Common OEM part #'s

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2007-12-12 15:42:31
Common OEM part #'s
These are just common OEM part #


17342-01A00 (O-ring for fuel pump access hole) ~$7
20607-P6500 (02 sensor bung) ~$8
30770-64Y01 (clutch cable) ~$20
38225-65A05 (ring snap) ~$1
11810-79E01 (PCV Valve) ~$9
23785-53J00 (AAC Valve Gasket) ~$1
01125-01881 (Transmission Mount Bolt) ~$1
22630-51E02 (Coolant temp sensor (above oil filter)) ~$23
11823-53J08 (PCV Hose (VC to intake)) ~$16
16175-53J00 (Throttle Body Gasket) ~$4
23378-53J02 (Starter Brush Kit) ~$27
32005-70E20 (Transmission Reverse Light Switch) ~$20
32006-51J60 (Transmission Neutral Switch) ~$13
30506-M8002 (Clutch Release Bearing Clip) ~$3

Master Gasket set Highport SR20DE ~$100-196 depeding where you get it
part # 10101-64Y25 contains the following:

11026-01M02 Gasket-Drain Plug 1
12279-0M300 Seal-Oil Crankshaft Rr 1
13207-D4201 Seal-Oil Valve 16
13270-53J13 Gasket-Rocker Cover 1
13510-53J10 Seal-Oil Crankshaft Fr 1
14035-53J10 Gasket-Intake Manifold 1
14719-D5706 Gasket-EGR Valve 1
14722-64Y02 Gasket-EGR Tube 1
15066-77A00 Seal-O Ring 1
15270-D0103 Gasket-Oil Filler Cap 1
16618-10V05 Seal-O Ring Injector Upr 4
16618-53J00 Seal-O Ring Injector Lwr 4
23785-53J00 Gasket-AAC Valve 1
11044-70E03 Gasket-Cylinder Head 1
13079-2J200 Gasket-Chain Tensioner 1
13270-53J05 Gasket-Rocker Cover 1
13271-53J02 Gasket-Rocker Cover 4
14032-53J10 Gasket-Collector Int 1
14036-53J00 Gasket-Exhaust Manifold 1
14720-62J00 Gasket-EGR Passage 1
15059-V5001 Seal-O Ring Oil Strainer 1
15066-5E510 Seal-O Ring Oil Filter Bracket 2
16175-53J00 Gasket-Throttle Chamber 1
16618-10V10 Seal-O Ring P/Reg
22131-1E401 Ring-O Support Distributor 1
12293-53J00 Main Bearing Cap Bolts
11058-53J00 Main Bearing Cap/Girdle Washers
12112-40F00 Connecting Rod Nuts
13075-53J00 Timing Chain Guide bolts
13094-53J01 Timing Chain Guide bolts (Revised)
13091-2J202 Timing Chain Guide Assy (curved)
13085-1N500 Timing Chain Guide Assy (straight)
13079-2J200 TCT Gasket
13069-53J00 TCT O-Ring


1993 B13 SE-R front bumper cover(with spoiler) 62022-5B525 ~$170
B13 "Nissan" trunk lid emblem 84890-85Y00 ~$17.50
clutch release bearing clips 30506-M8002 ~$3/ea
EGR tube 14725-64Y03 ~$30
trunk lid emblem for B13 "SENTRA" -bronze color- 84896-69Y02 ~$12
trunk lid emblem for B13 "SE-R" -bronze- 84895-65Y02 ~$12
68470-65Y00 (Radio Face
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