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Thread: Crank Case Ventilation fully explained. (Naturally aspirated edition.)

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2010-10-17 09:33:36
hmm better find a cheaper alternative lol. I was thinking of setting it up as stock but fitting 2 catch can's, one on the pcv line and the other on the VC to intake line. Might be a bit cluttered but it would stop any oil from getting in
2010-10-17 11:47:27
Im sure you can run a primative electric type of vacuum pump?

Some small pantec style trucks use electric vacuum pumps to assist with booster vacuum levels! Myabe you could modify that to run for you>?
2010-10-17 13:38:28
Yah I'm going to try to find out what might be a good electrical option that might be better than using 30 year old air pumps from cars made in the 1980s and might be cheaper than $800.
2010-10-17 14:31:54
i'll keep my eye on this thread then
2010-10-18 20:06:05
I was looking for a completely different part on [url]www.germanautoparts.com[/url] and came across a $200-$400 "secondary air pump" meant for a 2.0L VW Beetle that looks like it might work (OEM equipment). I don't actually know what the part does for the VW engine or if it would work well for crank case ventilation.


It's way more expensive than I'd hoped, so obviously I'm still searching.
2010-10-18 21:16:33
I found a video on YouTube that was called "PCV air pump scavenging" (or so). Then following the info below , I came to this thread on nasioc
There are part numbers and know-how. They used a GM pump , part number 24505066.
Another interesting link is here
They mentioned that there was no difference in hp on the dyno with the pump ON. But the Honda S2000 has a system like that , so it should be working. May be you need to make some modifications to the piston rings (lower tension) or so.
2010-10-18 22:25:21
if anyone can tell me what the ford vac pump is on....
i can look up prices on it.
2010-10-21 03:56:28
Got the kit, will be a while before I can install it though

2010-10-21 07:47:28
Ben, you are such a nerd. <3

Nice write up!
2010-10-21 22:03:59
From the super long thread bbekov found on NASIOC (which includes many different pump ideas):
YouTube - PCV system using GM air pump
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