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Thread: "THE" Brake Thread

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2015-08-07 14:04:07
I'm really needing to clarify something from this thread. I'm looking to upgrade the rears on a B13 Sentra, and looking at the Maxima rear calipers (US), some folks are saying 91-94, some say specifically 92 or 94. I'm checking Courtesy Nissan's parts page, and from what I can see there, the rear disc brakes on the Maxima were essentially the same from 89-94, I'm seeing some minor part # differences, Right Hand side #s are 44001-J30001, 44001-J30002, and 44001-J30003 (Left side is 44011). Some GXE are listed for some years, some years are listed as SOHC, some are listed as DOHC, no SE model listed.

So, based on the fact that there were minor part # changes, I have to assume there were minor differences in these parts, and when people are buying these parts, likely as remanufactured, they can be getting any one of these parts, or possibly something different still. So, does anyone really know if the differences here matter for these upgrades? I'm planning to hit the local junk yard again looking for these, my last trip I was fixated on one particular year for these brakes and couldn't find it, but I think there are really more options here.

Also, it was mentioned that the emergency brake line would fit for the B13, but Ben Fenner claims this isn't so, so I'm looking for more info on that.

Lastly, here is some info on the required rotors for use with the Max rear calipers. I found references to the JDM NX rear rotor being larger at 258mm, but I was coming up short on trying to locate this part through various clumsy searched, and I finally broke down and went to autozone.com and tried searching for a '92 NX, and lo and behold, they actually listed two parts with two different diameters, and one was the magical 258mm x 9mm rotor. Did the same over at Advance Auto Parts, and found one there too, info listed here for future reference:

91-93 NX (2.0L engine) Rear Rotor, Japan Built, 258x9mm
Autozone, Duralast, Part 31045, $14.99
Advance Auto Parts, World Brake Resources, Part N100032402WBR, $17.91

Hopefully this will help others find these more easily at other parts shops. If they don't list a size on the rotor, good chance it's the smaller US one.
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2015-08-07 18:54:19
I have the stock handbrake cables attached to my Maxima rear brakes. I believe I needed to get the brackets from a P10 to make them work, and they were a bit of work to route and make work correctly, but they do work.

I also believe that the Maxima rear caliper is the same as the P10 rear caliper, but not 100% on that (my spares are off of a P10 from the junkyard, while the ones on the car are rebuilt Maxima).
2015-08-07 22:09:06
When I had my 93 NX2000, I used the 254mm JDM NX rear rotor with 89-94 Maxima rear calipers and e-brake cable "bracket". This allows you to reuse the B13 cables and operates the parking brake feature of the Maxima caliper perfectly.

I had a write-up on this on the old site with lots of pics.
2015-08-10 11:41:35
I did the upgrade on my B13 using Maxima calipers and e-brake brackets. My experience was that the B13 e-brake cables did not really properly fit the brackets on the calipers. The retainer clip from the B13 was not thick enough to hold the cable and kept falling out. I was able to jury-rig the thing using zip ties and everything worked fine from the driver's perspective. This is not really the way I like to do things, but that's what happened. If I were to do this again, I would do some more research and probably try the G20 calipers and e-brake brackets that others have reported working as a direct fit.
2015-08-10 11:57:28
Are you sure the ebrake clips were not deformed or worn out? Very easy to happen. Technically Nissan wants you to replace them every time you remove them. The part number for the clip is the same for abour 90% of Nissans and Infinitis going back to the 70's.
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2015-08-10 14:02:14
Originally Posted by NissanEgg
Are you sure the ebrake clips were not deformed or worn out? Very easy to happen. Technically Nissan wants you to replace them every time you remove them. The part number for the clip is the same for abour 90% of Nissans and Infinitis going back to the 70's.

Your comment brings to mind the spring-loaded clip that you see at a lot of brake mounting points (like where the brake line attaches to the strut.) If that's what you are talking about, the e-brake clip is different from that one. The mounting clip for the e-brake cable is L-shaped with the longer portion of the L cut out out in a U-shape to receive the brake cable, and the longer arm of the clip is dead flat. Take a look at your car and you should be able to see what I'm talking about without even jacking it up.

I think it's pretty unlikely that this part would become deformed or wear out.
2015-09-07 17:40:50
I may have missed it, but while scrolling through this thread looking for proportioning valve information, I never saw a reference to this thread from NissanEgg. How @NissanEgg came up with all those proportioning values, I can't answer, or if there are any other parts that might fit.

From that thread:
If you have a Nabco master cylinder, I have found out by experimenting with different m/c's that the Nabco PV will not screw into the Tokico units and vice versa.
B13 cars
1.6L ABS (F)711 (R)284-341
SE-R ABS (F) 924 (R)498-555
1.6L (F)1067 (R)640-697
SE-R (F)782 (R)356-412
NX2000 (F)995 (R)569-626
B14 cars
1.6L (F)1067 (R)739-796
SE-R (F)924 (R)597-654
U13U cars
ABS (F)853 (R)483-540
non-ABS (F)782 (R)356-412
A32 cars
(F)782 (R)356-412
A32? cars (I30-35)
(F)1067 (R)739-796
P10 cars (G20)
(F)853 (R)526-583
P11 cars
(F)1067 (R)739-796
F31 cars (M30)
(F)924 (R)597-654
G50 cars (Q45)
(F)924 (R)739-796
G51 ?? cars (95+ Q45)
(F)1067 (R)739-796
Y32 cars (J30)
(F)782 (R)455-512

Just decoding the colors used above, since that wasn't mentioned in the thread, BLACK values are just an FYI, not good choices. RED values are to be avoided, presumably because the pressures are too high. BLUE values are no change from stock B13. GREEN values are the good choices to increase pressure and give the rears a proper bias.

To my knowledge, in the US, the 200sx was also a B14 (Nissan codes still give me a headache sometimes), and though the B14 SE-R was listed above, the B14 200SX SE had an SR20 engine, so I am assuming that the proportioning valve from that model may have had the same values, but I don't know how to verify that.
2015-09-08 15:07:53
Wow!!! Someone actually read my thread from the old forum.

I really needed to add the master cylinder piston sizes to that to make a better comparison between the ones listed.

I have forgotten about the old forum, lol, miss my old NX2000...
2015-09-09 17:37:59
^^^ I got the info from your write up in the old forum when I did my brake upgrade on the 4 door
2015-09-11 02:37:44
B13 1.6L is incomplete and does not differentiate between drum rear and disc. Some 4 doors 91-94, not just the 94le came with rear disc brakes from the factory in both Gxe and xe cars. I didn't bother changing the mc when moving to ad22vf and brake feel is perfect.

I have all the proportioning valve values and bore sizes for b13 somewhere... I'll dig them up and contribute. Its all in the fsm though
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