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Thread: "THE" Brake Thread

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2014-03-06 13:32:18
Why do people on here get so defensive when I am as frank as possible with them?? . You avoided my question about the log book, and threw up some obscure facts about your car history, scca life, drag and auto-x, but never mentioned how much actual track time you have (which was one of my initial questions). I pointed out the flaws in your statement, that's all.

I refuse to sugar coat stuff for anyone, especially when it comes to the race track, which can involve big speed, peoples cars and potentially peoples lives. I have seen my fair share of wrecks and :gulp: deaths, so I take this stuff fairly seriously. I cannot tell you how many rentals and wanna be Hakinens alone I have seen wrapped up in a tire wall first hot lap out (not calling you any of those, BTW)

@Storm88000, either way, Goodluck to ya!
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2014-03-06 23:26:36
1) I didnt avoid your question, I never had a "log book" - I don't know the exact # of hours running a buncha events equals to because generally you'd run for 10-15 minutes or so, so I'd have to add all that up, and as I said, I was inactive from 2005-2011

2) I dont think anything was "obscure" - you asked, I answered -

3) Unless someone hits me or some act of God, I will not wreck on the first hot lap - as you know this isn't some competition nor is it a race, I generally take it easy for a few laps and wave people past until I am fairly confident of a number of variables to decide how far to push it on the first run through - weather conditions, the other drivers in the group (if there's someone going a bit fast early on once we're let loose I watch out and try to avoid them) how car is behaving etc, anything up with the course itself (off color patches that can briefly deceive you, bumps, holes etc.)

4) Since you are more qualified you wouldn't be on the track w/ any novices anyway
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2014-03-07 00:06:10

I am going to come off as a dick, but see past it and just understand I am being as real as possible with you.

1) Inactivity during your time has no bearing because simply put, no track time, so not a sufficient answer to my question about track time (how much). You never said yes/no on if you had a log book or even mentioned it, so I assumed you do not have one (which you just admitted you don't), and typically speaking, a true sanctioned event has one as that is basically your scrap book for your progression. My first track day I had issues with sawing at the wheel, a known bi product of developing auto-x driving habits which can be detrimental on a true high speed track. You not keeping a log of your hours or progression is like me trouble shooting an electrical issue and not marking what wires I have already checked to "learn" not to check them again. No logbook, means you have no idea on if you are slow at turn 5, you have shitty corner entry habits, you lean your elbows on the windows, etc. So in essence, you are a NOVICE. Simple........

2) We are referring to Nelson Ledges correct?? It is a race track, correct?? So why do I need to hear about all your other activities that has ZERO relation to your track time (race track not a drag strip or parking lot) and what you have learned?? It's widely known Auto-X teaches you some shitty habits when you hit the race track, so apart from the low speed stuff, I have to disregard auto-x habits and driving style of auto-x to an extent (more so for Novice people) for some/most of my track day experience.

............ Hakinens alone I have seen wrapped up in a tire wall first hot lap out (not calling you any of those, BTW)
. Please read my statement again. I never said you would do it. But that doesn't mean someone else wouldn't decide to take you along for the ride and tangle you up when they decide to do it. I have mentioned it to you before; context. Stop taking my statements out of context please.

4) For the SE-R convention, it's NOT a sanctioned event, so there is a GOOD GOOD chance I will be on track with people who have never been on before, people who are scared as well, people who are only dragsters, people who just want to have fun, the list is endless. Incorrect and flawed statement again and incorrect assumptions..........I asked in the SE-R convention this very exact question about Novice drivers being provided an instructor.

We are talking about Nelson and the SE-R convention, no?? Most (if not ALL) my statements are focusing on the topic you mentioned (your SE-R at the CONVENTION). As Ben has said to you before "stop moving the gold posts"

Either way, I just realized I have massively derailed this thread..........Sorry
2014-03-07 01:00:10
Lol yes I "admitted" I don't have a log book. Like one would "admit" to shoplifting or something. Sheesh.. I'd honestly be afraid to go on the track with you at this point, I don't know if you're mentally stable. At least in your posts your coming off paranoid schizo, dont understand. I mentioned being inactive for 7 years as a measure against my skill level- being honest, I am saying that I have not been on a track every season since 1999. It's not a race. You can call it a race if you wish but it's not really a race. Going to the drag strip could be called a race if it's bracket stuff or a grudge match or whatever but its the same thing, you vs. the clock. Just b/c there's more than 1 car on the track at a time doesn't make it a race - it would not be possible or efficient timewise to let everyone run singularly so it's grouped, plus it adds the competitive factor
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2014-03-07 01:36:09
@Storm88000 , in all honesty, I am just being extra hard on you, so don't take offense. I am kinda the forum "asshole" and it seems I am incapable of coming off as somewhat of a nice person

However, if by trying to exude a sense of safety and making sure everyone makes it through a weekend as "mental", I am fine with that. I would rather be classified as "mental" than not saying a word and having ignorance cause problems
2014-04-27 13:23:49
Here is hopefully some good and some "gee whiz" information for those individuals that are thinking of, or going for the 6 Speed Spec-V transmission. With having the choice of staying with stock or AD22VF Brakes with different hubs or going Baller Status by using the B15 Spec-V spindles and Brembos, the pros and cons are not so cut and dry for some of us. I decided to go with the "Baller Status" option and here are some comparisons. This will be an off the car comparison of size and weight. I will expand this more if people want. For now here are some pictures.

Here is an overall showing the shear size difference in caliper and pad.

Brembo by Mattick22, on Flickr

Rotor POV

by Mattick22, on Flickr

Pad close up. Both are EBC Red Stuff so it is a true apples to apples comparison.

by Mattick22, on Flickr

AD22VF Weight: Approx 10.75lbs

by Mattick22, on Flickr

Brembo Weight: Approx 10.1lbs

by Mattick22, on Flickr

So with the off the car comparison we have 4x the pistons, about 25% more pad surface and a little over half a pound lighter than the AD22VF brakes. Both calipers were weighed loaded and had similar (almost none) pad wear.

I hope this helps some, @Joekuh please feel free to move this somewhere else if need be.

P.S. No one tell my wife that I used her kitchen scale...
Last edited by Mattick22 on 2014-04-27 at 13-26-11.
2014-04-27 13:37:15
WOW. that's quite a size difference and weigh LESS??
2014-04-27 14:12:31
Originally Posted by Storm88000
WOW. that's quite a size difference and weigh LESS??

Thats progress for ya!

Now, if they only made carbon ceramic rotors for us...
2014-04-27 14:29:54
The brembos sure look like they take up a lot more space than they need to. Almost as if they could weigh 7 lbs if they got rid of some of the extra bulk. But maybe that extra bit that sticks out towards the wheel spokes (once installed) has purpose...
2014-04-27 15:01:58
Originally Posted by vqman
The brembos sure look like they take up a lot more space than they need to. Almost as if they could weigh 7 lbs if they got rid of some of the extra bulk. But maybe that extra bit that sticks out towards the wheel spokes (once installed) has purpose...

The profile above the rotor is comparable to the AD22VF. The extra bulk that I believe you talking about is what houses two of the pistons. The double bulge under the Brembo sticker in the first photo right?
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