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Thread: Inductive coil tech, coil-on-plug (COP) tech and more.

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2011-08-26 06:23:15
did you ever try a single channel cdi box with the factory distributor?
2011-08-26 07:02:18
No, but you can use the twinfire on a single coil setup as well. It shows you how to wire it in to all different types of setups. Basicly on that you would keep your factory ignitor or ditch it. You can do it either way with the EMS. You would have to run the new 540v feed to the coil and then back to the box. Then the #1 trigger wire for the AEM to either the wire on the ignitor that the coil would be grounding through or straight to the white coil trigger on the EMS and then set all your settings accordingly. The AEM twinfire can be set up multiple different ways. It just has up to 4 channels. You could set it up to run two twin ouput coils and do a waste spark setup, You can do wastespark setup on individual coils. It has a ton of options.

Its a great box and like I said, get their latest one and you shouldnt have any trouble with it. I would buy it directly from AEM though not anyone else selling them because you never know if its the latest one or not.
2011-12-01 22:13:46
Has anybody tried running a motorcycle CDI with CBR coils? I've been trying to find out the difference between the stock motorcycle CDI (Channels etc) and a car( like m&w pro)
2012-08-17 03:41:17
This link seems to have a bit of information in it about coils, volts, and dwell....

Megasquirt Sequencer Coils
2012-08-26 20:50:33
Ive been looking around and notice that some cars have capacitors in the wiring of their COP's.... what does that do/help?
2012-08-27 04:12:20
Just like the stock b13 wiring has a capacitor for the coil. That little black square thats on the harness between the coil and the ignitor, that is a small capacitor and all its for is for voltage stabilization. Nothing more. I ran it without it for a bit when I was waiting for my twinfire box to get back from AEM and it made no difference in the way it ran or how strong the spark was.
2012-08-27 04:48:12
What do you guys think about running a msd coil with stock everything else?
2012-08-27 04:52:09
There is nothing wrong with that. Many do it. The msd blaster coil should be stronger than the stock coil so it cant hurt anything.

Our factory wires and stuff are pretty good so I wouldnt see any issue with it.
2012-08-27 05:02:37
It cant be too much difference from using the stock coil with an ignition box
2012-08-27 18:51:31
Well through all my different years of trying different stuff I've ALWAYS kept the stock ignition parts. Only issue I can see now is the 222k miles on them lol. I'd been looking at using the msd 6al2 and 8207 coil with another box for timing control for the nitrous. I just want to do it in steps to see how it does.
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