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Thread: choosing bearings

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2014-12-11 00:29:02
Regarding ACL bearings and a 400+hp VET w/an 8cw crank, is there a necessity for purchasing calico coated race vs regular ACL race bearings?
2015-01-11 23:38:10
2015-01-18 15:16:52
Originally Posted by CleanSER

This is an information thread, do you have a question that needs answered?
2015-01-19 15:32:29
I did...
2015-01-19 16:02:09
Originally Posted by 1fastser
I did...

Maybe if someone who has experience with Calico bearings can speak up as I have only played with OEM and ACL bearings. Sorry, Jody.
2015-02-04 04:24:20
So where is everyone buying their ACL bearings?
2015-02-04 04:26:10
Originally Posted by CleanSER
So where is everyone buying their ACL bearings?

From me!
2015-02-06 18:40:27
2015-02-28 05:37:31
does anyone know the size of std acl race bearings..
im currently rebuilding my DE,

ive measured the crank and all 4 rod journals measured 1.888" and have Eagle rods.

I seen someone say acl said std is grade 0-3
I need actual specs

the site shows this
Min Std Shaft Size
1.8880" / 47.956mm
Max Std Shaft Size
1.8887" / 47.974mm
Min Std Tunnel Size
2.0079" / 51.000mm
Max Std Tunnel Size
2.0084" / 51.013mm
Max Wall at Crown
0.0592" / 1.503mm
Max Overall Length
0.752" / 19.10mm

I wanna assume "max wall at crown" is the thickness of the bearing it self?
just trying to see if std is what ill need for my build
2015-11-16 04:41:17
So came across this thread and got few questions, doing a 8CWT crank to VVL block and i have already worked out the Main bearing need its the conrod bearing got me puzzled as i do not see the info on the crank for it.

pics to show why confuse

now my rods have 0 on them so i assume i need grade 1 bearings
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