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Thread: No Start - Engine turns - Fuel Pressure Relay Clicking When Engine Turning

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2018-05-04 12:33:29
No Start - Engine turns - Fuel Pressure Relay Clicking When Engine Turning
The last few days I have been working on this issue. I found this thread where the guy is having the exact same symptoms

Long story short, today I was checking the voltages in the fusebox, all looks okay except..

I pulled the "Starter Signal" fuse to measure the voltage when cranking and the car starts......

Voltage at the fuse was 6 volts.

I put the fuse back in and the engine starts with a bit of a struggle, you can here the relay clicking when the starter cranks but it manages to start

It starts easier with the fuse removed. I have only driven the car hundred yards as yet but it seems to work normally with the fuse removed

I will check the voltages at the ECU tomorrow. And also check with ECUTalk

At the moment I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts about the car starting with the "Starter Signal" fuse removed
2018-05-05 15:03:55
So what are your symptoms exactly?
Are you getting sluggish or unreliable cranking from the starter?
Or is it not cranking at all?

Three main things come to mind. Dead or dying battery (have it tested locally), dead or dying starter (have it tested locally), or poor engine grounds (test this theory with jumper cables from engine block to chassis while cranking).

Or do you get strong cranking from the starter, and the engine starts, but then dies almost immediately after?
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