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Thread: Official wire tuck thread

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2011-09-24 20:35:52
Official wire tuck thread
well ive been wanting to do a wire tuck on the b14 but havnt seen any on a b14 ..so post them tucked bays..and any info or advice u have...i know ac delete,ps delete.battery relocation and brake line tuck just never done it b4 and want to do it right..thanks
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2011-09-25 01:01:24
Same here but I want the info for a B13.
2011-09-25 01:27:27
no1 has a tucked bay on here ? lol
2011-09-25 01:48:09
extrended wires extrended wires extrended wires, my next SER will have a mini tuck.
2011-09-25 01:50:12
I tucked my old bay and decided against it from now on. I now think its sooo stupid and pointless..


I definately believe in a tidy bay but not tucks anymore.
2011-09-25 01:53:16
when done right it looks awsome, there are a few in this thread...

2011-09-25 02:31:55
i think it has a function ..no ac& ps = less weight ,more powa
2011-09-25 03:08:45
You get less weight and more power from a wire tuck???
2011-09-25 05:03:18
Originally Posted by jdmb14sx
i think it has a function ..no ac& ps = less weight ,more powa

i dont think it makes too much of a difference in power (i think its funny how some honda guys say you gain 10hp from removing ac/ps). but weight, sure, why not. But in terms of cosmetics, yes it does, but you can still have ac/ps and have a good looking wire tuck (depending on how clean you want your bay to look)

Originally Posted by SERpriz
You get less weight and more power from a wire tuck???

Less weight: yes and no, depending on what you keep or in some cases add.
More power: probably not.
2011-09-25 21:37:24
actually u both are wrong.i never said 10 hp lol yes less weight a good bit a that ..and it frees up power that is already there ..u 2 should probly do a little research
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