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Thread: Recommendations for loud, non-girly car horn.

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2011-02-23 16:05:08
from my personal experience i have raided the junkyard for different tones and horns. I have found that one from a older Dodge dakota works the best, even from a older F-150 they work too. Loud, and "manly".

My OEM '02 infiniti G20 horn is better than most cars ive bought.
2011-02-23 16:07:08
Stock BMW or Mercedes Hella horns.
2011-02-23 16:28:06
Here is a video of my horns sound...


I am very happy with it and the horn cost me $4 at my local scrapyard.
2011-02-24 14:51:34
IDK, if idiots driving around you is your concern, you really need to get something distinctive, and LOUD. I wouldn't really care about "girly" or "manly" tones. To me that just doesn't make sense. Something loud, that can be heard easily over the ghetto blaster in the offender's car on volume 99 comes to mind.
2011-02-24 16:00:33
Yes, loud or attention grabbing is what I'm after. The girly comment is really just a joke. The higher pitched stuff just doesn't seem to get the attention that the mid-range stuff does. Basically the air horns weren't all they are cracked up to be. Maybe they degraded over time and I couldn't tell? I did go through two or three sets of them before I decided to finally ditch them.
2011-02-24 18:29:11
In all honesty, two of anything below 500Hz with 1/3 separation and above 110dB will serve excellently. Even better would be 3 of each. People may laugh at supertones or other hella electric horns, but they really are great bang for the buck. Remember that amplification is not linear with respect to increase of decibel rating.
2011-02-24 18:34:36
Someone had Hella Supertones at the GA convention and I had him honk for me. They are not what I'm looking for. If they have a model range with a lower frequency then I'd certainly consider them. I'll go searching.

Hella Supertone: 500 Hz and 300 Hz.

The Fiamm Low Tone (72112): 405 Hz.


I guess it's maybe more about the shape of the horn than the frequency for how it sounds to my ears?
The Supertones seem like they'd be perfect, but in person or even on YouTube you can tell they aren't what I'm looking for.
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2011-02-24 18:46:22
This has lots of fun info and links to follow.

Fiamm horn - Why not their other models? - Toyota 4Runner Forum

Like this link with audio clips: http://www.wolo-mfg.com/elec.htm

Good quotes from the thread:
pair of Fiamm"El Grande's" frequencies are 405 and 485 and at 130db are plenty loud!

The best horn I ever heard was in the my last vehicle...a Mazda CX9. I priced those out and they were 60$ for the pair...and a 160db.
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2011-02-24 18:53:12
Hella makes other options like 310 Hz, 350 Hz, 375 Hz, 380 Hz, 415 Hz...
Their web site is freakin' awesome too.

Still not sure I want a "disc" horn...
2011-02-24 19:41:14
130dB is roughly 100x louder than 120dB.
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