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Thread: Recommendations for loud, non-girly car horn.

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2011-02-23 05:02:40
I got Q45 horns from the junk yard too, but both high and low. Sounds like a 1970's American sedan so people pay attention when I have to use it.

I also grabbed the horn wiring from a Nissan Stanza since it's set up for 2 horns.
Just be sure to get the horn shaped ones instead of the disc shaped horns. For some reason most Q45's have the wimpy disc shaped horns.
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2011-02-23 13:39:33
YouTube - Leslie Tyfons 300 and 425. Bigger than 20 train horns ;-)
2011-02-23 13:45:59
What do you need a horn for?
2011-02-23 13:47:58
Since moving here I've developed a need for one. I never used it until I met these drivers. I'm convinced they drive with blindfolds on and regularly need reminders that there are other cars on the road, specifically me.
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2011-02-23 13:51:26
I hate having to use my horn, I feel like I can do something myself more than worry about the horn.

9 times out of 10 when I do use the horn, people do not hear it. So if I am stuck behind some idiot and they are going in the direction I want to go and the horn did not work. Revving the engine usually works.

I understand, people are f*ck-offs.
2011-02-23 14:13:44
I don't use my horn to get people to start moving. I use my horn to let them know I am there, and they haven't seen me. This happens multiples times a day in my 3-mile commute. Someone will do something on the road no sane person would do unless they thought the road were empty. It's not empty. I'm here too buddy.
Also, if they aren't hearing your horn, you've got the same problem we all have with our crappy stock horns. =D
2011-02-23 15:31:31

Post #60 i believe, sorry I couldnt figure out how to pluck that post out of the thread I pretty much suck on comps.

It was cheap and it sounds good, not too loud and deff. louder than stock.
2011-02-23 15:34:18
Thanks for the post red91sr. I think I'm going to do exactly what you did, except also get a mid-tone or high-tone to go with the low-tone Fiam horn you got. I'm really leaning towards that direction.
2011-02-23 15:42:00
It's deff loud enough to get peoples attention now.
2011-02-23 15:58:47
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