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Thread: Alternator upgrade

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2011-06-10 13:51:25
turn it in for warranty and get another one.
2011-06-10 16:11:33
Originally Posted by happynole
New alternator arrived today:

For the extra $10, I got the B15/P11 version rated at 160 amps vs 150 amps. All the plugs look right to me:

I will let you know about fitment after install on Wednesday. BTW, if there are no fitment issues, this would also work in any B13 or B14 as well.

Any updates ,Joe?
Any issues with this.I know you have a decent sound system pulling on it also...
2011-06-10 17:26:13
Working great so far
2011-06-10 17:36:19
been considering a VE alt in my NX.....guess i should....HAHA
2011-06-10 18:07:15
Originally Posted by Cozzm0_AU
Couple of questions...

1. is the factory wiring even up to being able to pass that kind of peak amperage?? (not that its likely to be pushing that all the time, but still...)

2. how small is the pully compared to stock (or is it the same diameter)

3. is the amperage listed an absolute peak at a stupidly high rpm or can it produce that amperage from a particular rpm (as the factory ones are rated to produce a minimum of X amps at Y rpm and produce the peak at ~3000rpm or something similar)

More out of interest than anything, if it fits and works i guess really that's all that matters.

Bump...especially 2 & 3. Not sure if any testing has been done.
2011-06-10 21:03:55
2 - pulley seemed to be the same size. I'm not sure about 1 or 3, but the only time it would be putting out high output is under high load. The stereo has 0 gauge running to the cap so I'm feeling pretty good the amperage load will be ok.

This would also be a good read to ease some of your fears:
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2011-06-23 00:36:52
160 amp
QUESTION: @ happynole, How much did you pay for the alternator?

ANSWER:the 160 amp unit for $305

REPLY:Thanx, I purchased "1" today for my P11 G20

Year/Amps: 1991-1994 2.0L -- 150 Amp $295.00
1995-1996 2.0L -- 150 Amp $295.00
1999-2002 2.0L -- 160 Amp $305.00
Last edited by paradyme on 2011-06-25 at 08-20-16.
2011-06-23 02:30:42
the 160 amp unit for $305
2011-06-27 23:45:48
Hey got mine in today but I do notice a difference in part numbers from happynoles pic. The item number I have on my invoice describes a 160amp alternator but the part number is 13784. My cars a 1999 P11 G2O. happynoles part number is 13723N. @happynole is your alternator the exact P11 model that is sold or different year alternator upgraded to 160amp spec? ***UPDATE***

I did some research they are indeed different part numbers both are new OEM Mitsubishi 80amp alternators and both upgraded to 160amps through the seller Quality Power. The reason for the different part numbers is these two alternators are distributed by two different alternator companies (see the links below) but both types are sold through Quality Power. I will be checking the amperage to see that I have what I paid for.

ALTERNATOR 13784 products, buy ALTERNATOR 13784 products from alibaba.com

Last edited by paradyme on 2011-06-27 at 23-54-38.
2011-06-30 01:21:43
160amp alternator installed fine just had to use an alternate alternator belt size...She's REDDDAY!...come on new sound system!
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