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Thread: need help with HID wiring (have pics)

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2010-06-22 11:52:34
need help with HID wiring (have pics)
alright, i'm not afraid to admit that i'm a freaking idiot when it comes to hid lighting, so maybe you guys could set me straight on wiring up HID bulbs that I have for my car. I have an HID "kit" of sorts that was pieced together from my coworker: he gave me 2 ballasts and a relay harness that were leftovers from his car, and he also bought me H4 HID bulbs that i'm hoping will work with my tsuru headlights. Anyway, here's the list of what I have:

-30A relay harness (without a "remote turn on plug connector", which i'm guessing would connect to the lighting harness in the engine bay)

-2 apexcone ballasts

-2 H4 4500K HID bulbs

here's how i think it all wires up:

30A relay harness positive wire goes to battery, ground wire goes to chassis ground

the big ballast plug from the relay harness plugs into corresponding connector plug on the ballast. the 2 smaller plug connectors on the ballast connect to the corresponding ballast connectors on the HID bulb. the leftover positive and negative leads from the relay harness connect to the opposite end of the H4 connector on the HID bulb.

entire wiring of relay, ballasts, and HID bulbs:

blow up of wiring connectors:

closeup of H4 bulb and leftover H4 connector plug:

So If everything is wired up correctly, all that's leftover at this point are the H4 connector plugs on the HID bulbs. so do i just wire these connectors into the stock lighting harness connectors that go to my current bulbs, and i'm all good? or do i have it all wrong (would not surprise me).
2010-06-22 16:36:07
2010-06-22 16:58:33
You see those 2 wires in the center of pic 4. Find the negative on your h4 stock harnest and low beam positive. Plug those in to the stock harness and your done.
2010-06-22 17:26:50
But doesn't he have to do that for both driver + passenger sides?
2010-06-22 18:24:00
Nope. the hid setup is different the the diagram.
2010-06-22 19:12:50
discard the leftover h4 connector. it has no purpose. you're just extending the wire. just confuses your setup. that schematic is somewhat correct. wiring fo the relay is correct though. however, you only have to connect one of the red and black pair to the harness side headlamp connector. so se-r2fast is correct. and no joekuh, you don't have to wire up both harnesses. just one side to activate both HID bulbs.

i dunno why that relay has 2 pairs of black and red when it only needs one to activate the relay (if it's a typical SPST relay). what's the schematic on the relay?
2010-06-22 19:20:18
Originally Posted by SE-R2FAST
You see those 2 wires in the center of pic 4. Find the negative on your h4 stock harnest and low beam positive. Plug those in to the stock harness and your done.

ok, so plug the leftover red and black wires on the relay harness to the stock harness? do i this for all 4 of the leftover wires on the relay harness, or just 2 of them? if you look at my pics, each ballast wiring from the relay harness have a positive and negative lead on them...
2010-06-22 19:29:26
thanks penguin. this relay harness actually came from my coworker's E46 M3 HID kit, but I am trying to figure out how to fit it to my car. he did not give me a schematic, just a rundown of how i should wire it up (he gave me this hardware about 13 months ago, so i completely forgot everything he told me). All the extra wiring just confuses me. I will try your guys' suggestion and wire up only one pair of the red/black wires. I have not traced exactly how the relay harness is wired up, but I'm hoping what you all are suggesting will work. thanks again
2010-06-22 19:55:45
just for the hell of it, i thought i'd ask:

what if i were to wire both pairs of red/black wires on the relay harness to the lighting harness on my car? would the HIDs still activate? I was thinking of doing this just so I won't have 2 wires just hanging there...
2010-06-23 01:57:26
thats fine aslong as there connected correctly. worst case scenario is you blow a fuse.
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