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Thread: How To: SR20VE oil pump on SR20DET - pickup tube modification

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2016-10-03 14:42:46
How To: SR20VE oil pump on SR20DET - pickup tube modification
There may be more ways to do this, but here's the method I chose.

After a rod bearing failure on my DET, I decided to use an SR20VE oil pump (available from Miko, if anyone needs one). The oil pump, spacer and pulley fit on there, no problem. The pickup tube on the other hand will need to be modified.

The following problems arise; the DET pickup tube will not work with VE oil pump, the spacing on the flange holes is slightly off. And because of the small lower oil pan on the DET, you cannot fit the VE pickup tube, so your only option is to make one tube out of two.

First thing you need to do is cut the flange off the VE pickup tube. I cut it with .25-.5" of the tube, you do this because the DET pickup has a smaller diameter tube, and it will fit right in there, makes it easier to properly locate, and weld. I also cut the flange off the DET tube flush.

With a little massaging, the DET pickup tube will fit into the VE flange/tube.

You will need to grind the bracket off the flange or it will interfere with the girdle when you try and bolt it on to the pump.

I skipped a pic for the next step, but you need to bolt the flange onto the pump and put the tube in there, and bolt the tube to the girdle to properly locate the pickup and tack it.

Welded up and ready to go!

You can see in this picture why you need to grind away the bracket from the flange. It sits very close to the girdle.

Hope this helps those of you who are looking to do this on a DET and hit a road block when it came to the pickup tube.
2016-10-03 17:43:53
I thought the spacer was a different thickness between the two?

I think most people just order the correct pickup tube (w/spacer & gasket)...?

Great work regardless...more than one way to skin a cat!
2016-10-03 18:45:26
Not sure which spacer you're talking about. There's a spacer that sits behind the crank pulley, those are different widths, and you have to use the correct one for whichever pulley you have. As for the pickup tube, I don't believe there's any other option that'll fit the pump and also clear the DET oil pan.
2017-12-30 00:55:42
Would you be able to just unbolt the DE pump gear cover and swap it onto the VE pump?
Looks to me like all the bolt holes would line up.. will that work?
2018-01-13 08:55:52
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2018-01-14 16:30:21
Photobucket is the one that photophuckt it
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