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Thread: LSD vs. non-LSD transmission and axle comparison pics

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2008-01-23 00:57:10
Yes its the same idea for auto trannys. I had a LSD auto trans. the LSD axles are different.
2008-01-23 13:33:17
Originally Posted by 2dr_sentra
Yes its the same idea for auto trannys. I had a LSD auto trans. the LSD axles are different.

^Who are you replying to? Do you mean the auto LSD or different from the non LSD auto axles. Also, what car are you talking about?
2008-01-24 02:46:02
I just bought an LSD Axle from Napa and it looked similar, less the center balance chunk, but would not fit into the transmission completely. It started in and then the gear teeth or main seal wouldn't clear into the last 1.5 inches of the case. So... I beat it with a sledge, thinking the clip was the issue. When I finally pulled it out again, the second brutal time; the very end of the inner spline was mutilated a bit from hitting it into the case.

It looked like the teeth were not shaved flat enough, like the stockers were. They were too sharp on the very top and that's where they got clipped going in, almost as if the diameter was slightly wrong or the teeth depth was not cut properly. It was way too cold to screw with it, in the first place.

Finally, I used parts from both the new and the old and ended up with a good axle, but what a mess. I do know the axle came from CT, and was new, not rebuilt. The triple bearing on the business end of the NAPA axle is not inter-changeable with the stock end spline. The clip ring does not fit, either. They are both larger than stock diameter and if you think you can just swap parts, you are wrong.

Try to save your original axles, if at all possible or pull them with a replacement tranny. Especially the business end, no matter what transmission you use, you want that end.
2009-07-11 01:12:36
Originally Posted by nismos13silvia
For SR20 AUTO. trannies.

1. LSD vs. Non LSD, driver side is different.

2. Passenger sides are the same.

Hope this helps. If I'm wrong, someone please correct me. Positive this info. is correct.

do u have any idea if the manual transmission passenger side is the same as the automatic passenger side?
2009-07-17 14:45:28
nm the passenger manual and auto is different...

how bout the driver?? is the driver lsd auto the same as the manual auto???
2010-04-13 18:44:13
I have ga16 auto pass axle fitted in a sr16trranny and looks pretty good. My question is, what seal should I usa scince I cant find one at the nearest auto part? Part no???
2010-04-13 20:38:16
I have a question I'm havin a hard time finding since I'm usin my phone for internet lol..

I want to put a b13 lsd trans in my gf's g20 and I'm wondering if I could use a b13 lsd driver side axle or do I need a g20t axle??

Could I make a hybrid axle using a lsd inner half an non lsd outter half??
2010-04-15 17:27:24
You are going to need the g20t axles. The hubs have a bigger inner diameter than the sentra.
2010-04-15 22:30:56
My lsd axle doesnt have that cone thing on the tranny side of the driver axle. Almost looks like it helps seal?
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