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Thread: How to: Silvia coupe JDM window visor refresh

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2012-11-24 20:12:39
How to: Silvia coupe JDM window visor refresh
I know the JDM S13 coupe window visors are a rare find but if you happen to have a set they are probably in need of some new double stick tape and some plastic clips.

I've searched high and low for the oem/jdm plastic retaining clips that hold these on but have had NO luck...please chime in if you know of something that would work better. JDM clip is the one at the bottom. New clip at far right and trimmed new clip to the left of it.

The clips I found that work the best were at NAPA...let's get started. It's not the best fit but it is acceptable.

Some items you'll need: Acetone, 3M double sided tape, Adhesion Promoter, various tools for scraping, a towel (works better than shop towels), elbow grease!

I ended up using the large flat blade screwdriver the most. Be careful not to scratch the paint though! I held the blade at about a 45* angle and just removed the large stuff. The adhesive will need to be removed with acetone and elbow grease!

Removing the window visors is a delicate process...TAKE YOUR TIME! I was worried about cracking/breaking these JDM gems. The retaining clip towards the rear of the car was broken on mine causing an annoying vibration...so that's where I started. I used a small flat blade scewdriver to assist as I gently worked the visor loose.

After the visor was free, I cleaned the area with Armor All - All Purpose Cleaner.

Here's where the elbow grease comes in! Latex gloves are good to use at this point. Use plenty of Acetone on the towel and rotate the towel to try and always have a clean surface.

Once that is done, move on to the visor...

Removing the old adhesive is gonna take a while...I think I spent hours on this step!

Once both surfaces are clean and clear of any old adhesive, I held the visor in place with two small screwdrivers so I could re-bend the metal clips to fit better.

After you've got some good fitting metal clips it's time to install the 3M double sided tape onto the window visor. I masked off the area where the tape would go and sprayed some Sherwin Williams Adhesion Promoter to help it stick.

Follow the directions on the can if you use something like that...I had to let it cure for 15min before installing the 3M tape onto the visor. Install and trim.

Here is how much I trimmed the new clips...

Measure 3 times before you actually stick it...in other words, get it right or you'll be doing it again! Don't remove the red backing yet but pull a small piece out so you have something to pull on. Get the clips started and try not to bend up your metal clips.

Once you've got it where you like it, remove the red backing.

Make sure you press on it to get a good stick. Again, the fitment is not ideal but it's the best I've found. Here's some fitment pics...

Enjoy your ride.
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