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Thread: Heated seats in yer B13

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2012-09-24 15:52:11
Heated seats in yer B13
Or any car where it wasn't a factory option.

So it’s just another SE-R -> NX seat swap right?

Or is it?

Find a ‘how to’ for a seat swap. Ian (Pretty White) has a great one.
Get a decent aftermarket kit with the pads, wires and switches and a big bag of zip ties. If you can work a pair of ‘hog ring’ pliers even better.

The seat pad has a pair of thermostat/sensors that you could feel ‘seat of the pants’ during test fit so i scooped out some of the foam cushion. Overdid it a bit, in the car you can feel a little divot with yer hand, but yer cheeks won’t. With care this would be completely unnoticeable.

The pads should have thin layer of adhesive padding, peel em off and stick em on.
After following Ian’s excellent seat swap instructions, i just partially took the cover off the cushion, slipped it in there and peeled from the front. Easy.
Chris.....nice call on zipties>hogrings
The back is a tight fit and you might be better off fully exposing the cushion. I bunched up a bit towards the top, fortunately it disappeared once the cover’s back on.

Eventually you may want to move the switch from the passenger seat belt latch (see above). So find a good spot for it. A flat panel somewhere might be a good idea. *shrugs*

Hang up & Drive!
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2012-09-24 17:13:44
I was thinking of adding a water/ice reservoir in the car
running small diameter tubing in the seat
and using a computer cpu watercooler pump and fan/radiator to have cooled seats
2012-09-28 17:03:32
Cooled in the summer, heated in the winter, big pimpin!

2012-09-28 18:12:38
My idea works even better if you have A/C still in the car, no need for the ice/water reservoir if you do.
2012-10-19 17:57:44
Originally Posted by coach
Cooled in the summer, heated in the winter, big pimpin!


The wife's M35 has heated and cooled seats......... really helps down here in the summer and for my back after too much wrenching with the heater...
2015-02-17 05:51:26
Updated to fix pic links. And to show a slightly better, if not optimal switch installation.
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