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Thread: How To: Crank pulley -- Oil Pump -- Spacer (all common combinations explained!)

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2011-02-09 15:56:12
Reese, I had no idea the UR pulley had that recessed section where the bolt secures it to the crank on the front side. That changes some of the advice I gave you a little bit. I'll call you for the third time just to make sure I haven't confused you any more.

That first picture you posted shows the difference pretty well. The DE one on the right has the mating surface up higher than the VE pulley on the left. That's what you'll be milling down if you want the DE pulley to work for the VE application.

You can also easily see why Greg had the pulley made the way he did. He had the pulley made to the VE pulley dimensions for use with VE engines and then provides a little spacer to stack on top of it to make it match the DE pulley dimensions for use with DE engines. Much more economical than making two different designs.
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2011-02-10 12:23:33
GTi-R pumps
Hi there,

New member from Australia. I am in the process of building a NA SR20 for a rally car and have struck a small problem in my build relating to oil pumps and pulleys.

General spec:
S13 Silvia Rwd engine (high port)
SR16VE pistons
head work
BC inlet valves
cams, adjustable cam gears
Quad throttle bodies (matched)

I was advised to buy a GTi-R oil pump and cover as we planned to run increased bearing clearances (big end and mains), but have now struck the problem of what pulley to use.

Is the GTi-R pump/cover the same as the VE one?
Is it a case of running a VE pulley (with spacer)?

If so, how well does the additional accessories line up (only worried about water pump, alternator and PS pump).

Sorry if this seems a bit noddy, but this is holding up the build process. Any advice would be appreciated.

2011-02-10 13:56:06
- Thanks for your help Ben. I added that extra pic we talked about to post #20.
2011-02-10 14:00:15
Yah, I believe the outer pulley for the UR is smaller than the G spec so it will under drive the alternator and A/C compressor at slower speeds. I would imagine the inner pulley is the same diameter (because if it got any smaller it would interfere with the oil pump bulge) so the power steering and water pump would be driven the same speed with either pulley.

To be 100% sure the DE UR pulley will work with the VE oil pump once you get it machined down, you might want to measure the inside diameter of the UR inner pulley versus the Gspec inner pulley to make sure they both have the same clearance for the oil pump bulge.
2011-02-11 16:30:59
Update post #20 again with more photos.

Originally Posted by macakin
I've been using a machined UR pulley on my VE for maybe 2 years. I just took the two pulleys to the shop and explained them that I needed the UR pulley to be like the VE pulley, they measured how much they ad to take off, and it got done. I believe they took off like 1/8 of an inch, can't remember for sure.

^I'll do this like @macakin did.
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2011-05-23 21:21:59
I've updated the main post to include a picture of Greg's (new style) spacer from his web site and link to buy it.

G Spec Performance Oil Pump Drive / Pulley Spacer, SR20

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2011-05-23 21:27:15
I decided to use a GSpec crank pulley instead of having the DE pulley modified.
2011-05-23 21:28:49
Whatever gets the job done man.
2011-06-02 01:10:04
So I think I understand what works and what doesn't between the different combinations but one thing I'm not certain about is the oil pickup. I'm looking to do a VE oil pump setup on my W10 DET and was wondering if the DET pickup would work with a full VE setup (oil pump, drive collar, pulley) or would I have to use a VE oil pickup, or is there any difference at all between them lol.
2011-11-17 17:23:40
Could I have the correct setup to use the RWD Sr20det crank with VVL Oil pump and RWD Sr20det Crankpulley...

Thanks in advance
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