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Thread: How to: ship a transmission

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2009-05-08 18:22:15
How to: ship a transmission
Buy a big ol' rubbermaid - buy 3 2x4's 8ft long.

Nail the 2x4's in 2 squares/rectangles the width of the top and bottom of the rubbermaid (make sure you measure, because the top and bottom are not the same dimensions).

Put 2x2's in between the top and bottoms on the corners of the squares of 2x4 and screw em' in the bottom first. Place the wood in the box, place the tranny and whatever else in the box, with gaping hole facing the long side of the rubbermaid.

Put the top square 2x4 on the top and screw into the 2x2's on the corners.

Put a nail wherever possible through the 17mm holes the tranny used to attach to the engine through, and nail into the wood.

Put the lid on and use wood screws to screw the lid down onto the wood.

Then take tucktape and wrap the bugger. Should be tough as hell.
I used dhl, but they weren't the cheapest, I got a discount through my workplace.

There you go, sorry if it wasn't a perfect writeup, but it was acutally a pm I sent someone that I decided to post up here.
End result:

2015-11-11 14:44:15
Second tranny. This one was a p11 and 102lbs stock lsd. Wow heavy. Pre-packaged, packaged, boxed:



extra secured:
2015-11-11 14:46:10
The corner allowed for a clutch pedal and resivoir and mc to be mounted to the wood.
2016-01-14 13:44:09
Which shipping method was the best and why? Would you recommend one over the other ?
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