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Thread: installing msd blaster coil 2? anyone done it

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2008-09-21 05:36:35
yeah i guess im not gonna worry about upgrading the iginiton then, its just one last piece of the puzzle, but if its not broke dont fix it, and esp if its just as good or equal to aftermarket, no reason to spend the money on useless stuff
2008-09-21 06:50:33
im running 20lbs on pump gas with stock coil with no problems
2008-09-21 07:10:35
Running 20 PSI on pump gas is not safe.

To keep thing safe dont run any more than 15 PSI on pump gas.

22 PSI is great on 98 octane.

After that you can add 1 gallon of C16 to 4 gallons of 93 octane, thats give you 5 gallons 97.5 octane.

Thats safe up to 20 PSI.

Small precautions can take you a long way.

The general rule here is run the lowest possible octane that will not cause pre ignition. This will give you the most HP.
2008-09-21 07:57:53
yeah i dont plan on running more than say 10-17psi, however more like the 10psi becuase my car is tuned for that so i will stay on that power.

i dont think most people are running that 1g of c16 per 4 gallons, definitly also dont think running those kinda levels are safe
2008-10-10 06:45:54
This question is for Dre. My friend is running a MSD 6AL Ingition with a Jacobs Ultra Coil. Do you think this is a good combo or would you recommend something better. He has a B13 with sr20vd N1 cams and +5/-5 cam gears. I'm planning on doing a similar setup until the hybrid cams are completed.
2008-10-10 07:38:31
i stuck on an accel coil cause i had one lying around that i wasnt using, so your saying the stock one from the car will work better
2008-10-17 23:39:59
Originally Posted by Andreas
Installing a coil by itself is usless as the factory coil is much better.

When putting on some of these aftermarket coils please use an ignition box.

There is an easy way to put in an MSD and coil without cutting the harness aslo.

Can you explain how to do this? Also, is this for a B13 or B14? B14s are internal coil & I have seen the write up on JWT to change to external coil; do you have an easier way? Post or PM with info...

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