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Thread: installing msd blaster coil 2? anyone done it

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2008-09-21 00:16:04
installing msd blaster coil 2? anyone done it
ive searched on the other forum for installation process to see how hard it might be, and was wondering if anyone has installed a aftermarket coil on thier sr20? and how hard the process was. i found a cheap one on my local forum and was wanting to upgrade. any input would be apreciated or a site that shows the process, im just worred hoew many wires need to be cut or if alot of things do or dont need to be cut when installing a coil
2008-09-21 00:30:34
Its only two wires. Then you just run the coil wire to the distributor like normal I think.
2008-09-21 00:33:27
Installing a coil by itself is usless as the factory coil is much better.

When putting on some of these aftermarket coils please use an ignition box.

There is an easy way to put in an MSD and coil without cutting the harness aslo.
2008-09-21 00:43:00
how much better is the MSD iginiton verse factory iginiton, considering the factory coil is better, is the overall factory iginiton system better? or only to a certian whp on stock iginiton?
2008-09-21 00:51:59
The factory coil is an epoxy coil.

Do not use any of the older Blaster coils that are oil filled. Use only the newer epoxy coils.

An MSD ignition is the funk. Will handle way more power than factory. When putting in an MSD box also put in the coil to.

I use the MSD Digitals 6 with an MSD Epoxy coil.

Here is a good test get shocked by the stock setup and then try the MSD setup and tell me what you feel.
2008-09-21 01:01:32
I got shocked by my ignition system yesterday and now I cant feel my face. Is this bad?
2008-09-21 01:04:17
No it just means you can take it to the face and not feel anything
2008-09-21 01:10:12
well im running around 300whp at 10lbs and almost the same torque and havent really seen any iginiton problems but its the only part of my system that isnt upgraded with the exception of the ngk spark plug wires. andi have my spark plugs opened to .30 not sure if a iginiton upgrade would be benifical or if its a not broke dont fix thing
2008-09-21 01:26:06
One of my friends was runing around @ 17 PSI with 360WHP and 330 Lb Ft Torque on stock igntion. He ran 11.8 @ 122 MPH with that.
2008-09-21 04:13:49
I have stock ignition. No problems here at all.
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