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Thread: Pulling motor question..

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2008-09-20 12:31:09
I pulled my motor from the top without pulling the transmission, it PITA, now I know why it's easier to take it out from the bottom
2008-09-20 15:34:42
I used to pull the motor from the top then came to realize it was a much simpler process to do it from the bottom. Jack the car up high enough to get the motor under and then lower the car. This saves the trouble and no paint scratching. Then you dont have to remove the hood and mess with fighting it. And in your situation it would definitely be worth it to lower the motor to access the front cover than to raise it. I wont even ever bother doing one out the top ever again cuz out the bottom is that much better and easier and trust i have lost count on how many engine swaps i have done for myself and others since i have been in the scene. Alot thats for sure so rate the trouble and remove the passenger mount and cross member leave the trans mount on and attached and lower the motor
2008-09-21 20:57:03
wow ashtonsser damn thats a good idea. I just had to throw away the box to the cherry picker I bought. I dont think i can return it without the box. SUCKS. Another question is there a trick to remove the crank pulley without renting the puller? Im at the point to where I can pull the motor out all i need to do is take out the bots to the mounts.

Now that I just read ashton's post, I will go with that option.
2008-09-21 21:23:11
Pulling motors from the bottom is so much easier. You can drop the motor with pretty much everything attached and you have no worries of banging anything on the way out.

We have done a ****load of swaps and they always come out the bottom. Jack the car up high and slide her out.
2008-09-21 21:43:11
Meh I like doing mine from the top. Take the tranny off first. Then just pull the motor out of the top right quick. Takes me about 2 hours all together to get it out
2008-09-22 00:18:02
lol you can have your 2 hours, i can have the motor and tranny out then tranny disconnected in just over 1 hour doing it out the bottom if i haul butt, if i take my time its still less than 2. Its just soo much easier out the bottom, it would still apply also if you had a/c, you dont have to worry about the lines, unbolt the compressor and drop it down, i have done a whole engine swap without the use of a cherry picker. haha

To remove i just used my jack with a board, then lowered it and slid it out, to get the new one in was a little more tricky, but what i did was after i slid the motor under the car i used the jack to lower the car basicly onto the frame which is as low as the jack would go, then slid the motor over into place on the passenger mount, then slowly raised the car with the jack and it took to motor up with it, also i didnt have the tranny on yet during this swap, the crank pulley will rest on the side of the frame and it will eventually go up with the motor, I put the car back onto stands then just continued to bolt everything up like normal, putting the tranny up and everything else. worked like a charm but it took more time obviously. But i now have a new cherry picker so its all good
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