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Thread: Thought id share my find with you guys.

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2008-08-23 21:07:34
Thought id share my find with you guys.
so i picked up a magazine last night, forgot which it was...only read it for a little bit.

but they were testing catch cans and the benefit from them on the editors 240 with a sr in it.

first they tried the little auto zone breather and stuck that on the valve cover, which i myself have and ive seen people on here do. and it actually dropped 2 hp. i cant remember exactly but i think it was because it creates a higher pressure inside the valve cover, and creates more para static loss.

then they tested some catch can, and it improved 2 hp over stock. just because of the fact it creates a lower pressure inside the valve cover, which decreases para static loss of power with the parts in the head. and at the same time keeps the engine cleaner, they showed the catch can after 2 months of highway driving and a lot of dyno pulls and it showed a decent amount of work.

i think i might have the pressure backwards though, i dont remember correctly, its either the way i wrote it, or the catch can gives the higher pressure...

just figured id throw it out there.
2008-08-24 00:37:52
2 Hp isn't really all that important tho. Interesting idea.. But unless someone make a lower compression housing for a catch can I wouldn't really worry about it.

Now 10 or 15 hp.. Then you got something.
2008-08-24 01:02:59
i would take 2 hp lol
2008-08-24 02:06:10
i know its not really something that i would die for, but hell weld up a catch can at work and improve engine cleanliness, the 2 hp is just a bonus....

but more or less..

i found it intresting
2008-08-24 02:17:39
Thats 2HP on a SR20DET. An NA engine probably wouldn't see much of an HP gain, but would get a cleaner engine plus better MPG's most likely.

Here is one way to do this: Link

Here is what I did:

2008-08-24 03:23:49
its not about 2hp, its about keeping the oil clean, engine clean which = performance, also catch cans keep your intercooler/intake systems clean from carbon and sludge build up, which can save you headahes of problems.

and if your like me that keeping the oil clean is a must as the oil in my engine cost me 100$ so keeping it as clean as possible as long as possible is a must.

also if you are urbo keeping you oil clean is also good for prolonging the life of your turbo
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