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Thread: What Disk is this?

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2008-08-20 05:26:21

if you look at that one it has 6 springs but says act on it, th thing is clutches are 100% the most important part of making power putting power down and relieability. and its not about knowin 100% that its ACT or not, but knowing eactly what clutch you are putting in your car. ive known ppl to have shattered cheap clutches,springs pop out ect, its just hard to say, persoally if it didnt say ACT on it i wold get my money back again its not about the name but mor so about the piee of mind
2008-08-20 05:33:18
yeah and thats what i'm feeling right now hahaha if you look at the pressure plate though, it says 4-24-06 haha that might have something to do with it looking different lol
2008-08-20 17:07:43
let me know if your willing to sell.
2008-08-20 22:30:22
I'm asking for my money back, if I don't get it i'll let you know. I emailed act with the picture and they said it's not one of there disks. So that settles this lol
2008-08-20 22:59:50
Does any one know if ACT has changed there design in the Pressure Plate? I got such a good deal on this that it's almost work just getting and buying a new disk.... If the PP is still the same.
2008-08-20 23:03:48
That PP has the ACT engraved into the housing. It looks exactly like the one I sold, did.
2008-08-20 23:27:43
the PP is definitly ACT but the disc isnt...the other thing that i wondered is why if its new is the disc out of the shrinkrap packaging but the pp isnt? thats just one thought of mine...

honestly if i was you i would go with a puck clutch, i have only used puck clutches o my hondas/nissans and never had a problem transmission wise, i feel hey are most harsh n transmissions if you dont know how to drive them....if u preload the power to the clutch/tansmission you wont have any problems, its when you just dump a puck clutch when you get the most impact on both clutch and transmision. + they hold ALOT more power over street full race discs......i have also used carbon kevlar discs and i like them as a alternative over street full race disc, BUT like the street discs they dont hold heat very well the hotter they get the more they tend to slip or glaze, however the hotter the puk clutches get the more they hold so they have a adverse effect opposed to the street disc...it all depends on if you plan on really racing the car hard launching it.wanting mroe power wanting more boost ect...definitly take that into consideration when choosing the next clutch
2008-08-20 23:36:32
i was looking into all of it, what do you think of the 6 puck sprung by act? seems less harsh then the soild ones.
2008-08-20 23:45:19
yeah the springs are to absorb the engaugmet harshness making engaugment less harsh on both driver/transmission..i ALWAYS RECOMEND getting a lutch that is a ovekill for a boost setup and reason being is beuase people change their setups often on boost, more psi,larger turbo,bigger power goals, mor tuning ect, which equates to more power and for more power you obviously need a stonger clutch..and going with a stree full race disc it puts limitations on psi and power becuase eventually the power will overpower the clutch and it will slip.

personally i have the clutchmaster fx400 6 puck sprung and i think its really good,the engaugment isnt bad at all..im running 10lbs @ 300whp and almost 300wtq and the clutch works amazingly, i was running 17lb on it at near 400whp and it held great..clutches definitly give you a piece of mind becuase if you do t right the first time, you can go from mid power to wild power without the hassle of changing clutches..thats just my opinion
2008-08-20 23:47:37
I like my 6 puck sprung disc by ACT. Feels great with the ACT XTPP. I don't care what anyone says, it engages hella nice, and doesn't feel like my leg muscle will grow at all. This in comparison to my HDSS by ACT I previously had.
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