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Thread: Intake Manifold woes...Re-Tap Question

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2008-08-18 03:20:10
Intake Manifold woes...Re-Tap Question
So I was putting on some EGR blocking plates, I was working on the most top EGR thingy(highport SR). I started getting frustrated because I could not get a bolt in, which ended up with my stripping the inside on the bolt hole due to me putting as much pressure and strength I could muster in such a awkward position.

What size would I need to re-tap that hole? Its and 12mm fine threaded bolt.
2008-08-18 04:15:48
Is it important? I would think you can use any size as long as you use the right size bolt to go with it. You can always drill the hole out a bit if need be too.
2008-08-19 10:01:45
The first thing I would try is to get a tap that matches the original bolt. If you find that the hole is too buggered up to work with this, then you can drill it out and use a larger bolt. Or some things called helicoils are available that allow you to drill out the hole and replace the threads by screwing in a new set.

I hope that you can get this done with out removing the manifold. It's an awkward place to work. as you have mentioned.
2008-08-19 13:40:15
are you sure that it is a 12mm? or is it just a 12mm head bolt? I would try a m8x1.25... very common
2008-08-19 22:35:01
^^ agree.

Also, if you drill it out slightly, go buy some thread repair epoxy by permatex from the local auto part store. I got it at checker auto, and it works great on non-critical parts. For instance, I used it to repair all of the valve cover holes on the head that were starting to strip out.

I recommend it!
2008-08-19 23:12:22
I fixed it yesterday...just used a 5/16 tap and screwed it in abit. Bolts in now. Thanks guys
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