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Thread: Cammed my car!

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2008-08-12 04:23:45
Originally Posted by jer_760
Negative, you can definitely tell a difference in the topend with the S4's and I even went from a lowport with highport intake cam to the S4's and felt the difference. Something is definetely not right. Did you turn the motor over a few times and recheck the cam timing?

We turned that motor so many times that we lost count.
2008-08-12 06:46:54
Well heres my dyno with stock cams with everything above except the 2.5 headers

Today i did a compression check and got 190 on cylinder #1,#2,#3 but #4 got 175. I know #4 is lower but it ran like this when i first got the car.I probably will be dynoing with the s4's sometime next week(i hope) and see what i can put down. I do have a modified stock fpr that i will be using to turn up the psi when i get a gauge. I will also be measuring the cams and let you guys know.
2008-08-13 03:38:20
Do any of you s4 owner's car buck back and forth like it's not getting enough gas when you slow down in gear to about 1500rpm?
2008-08-13 03:41:45
Originally Posted by BenFenner
Isn't that well above USDM SR20DE specs? I thought 160 was typical. Is this a 10.0:1 comp motor?

175 is typical for a USDM spec SR20DE. I know my Sr20ve tested around 240 across the board with a compression ration i believe under 11:1
2008-08-13 04:42:13
Originally Posted by Andreas
Well, I have never seen a car put down 160WHP on stock cams. The most WHP I have seen on stock cams was 146 WHP.

Most of the cars that I have seen with JWT S4s and S5s have made between 158-167 WHP.

Here is a small tid bit about JDM motors. There are a few JDM motors out there that make 175 HP. These motors cam out of the Autech Pulsar. There is also an Autech P10 that makes 180 HP.

These motors come with bigger cams about the size of S3s and 11 to 1 compression.

I know of one guy who got one of these motors from me. I wounder if you may have gotten one of these motors.

He put it in his car and all he had was a JWT Pop, HS header and 2.5 inch exhaust and he ran 14.3 at 97 MPH.

Hey Miko, how can you identify one of these motors?? VC color, stamping, head design????
2008-08-13 04:42:18
Well, it's a JDM engine so I'm thinking my guess of 10:1 compression is right. Explains at least some of the reason for his high output.
2008-08-13 05:36:27
The only way heard of identifying these motors is to open them up. Same way for the 10:1.
2008-08-13 13:42:13
Originally Posted by ser007
The only way heard of identifying these motors is to open them up. Same way for the 10:1.

OK, then look for what?? Cam profile, compression #??? What gives it away that it's 10:1 comp or Autech motors???
2008-08-13 16:33:06
Look down the cylinder for flat top pistons. Search on the old forum for a thread, think it's called head code list or something like that. Maybe you can find some identifying markers there.
2008-08-13 17:00:14

^The SR20DE(t) Compression/HeadCode List
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