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Thread: Cammed my car!

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2008-08-11 19:14:03
Originally Posted by ser007
Compression checked with stock cams only hit ~180 all across.
Isn't that well above USDM SR20DE specs? I thought 160 was typical. Is this a 10.0:1 comp motor?
2008-08-11 19:54:23
Originally Posted by Andreas
Well, I have never seen a car put down 160WHP on stock cams. The most WHP I have seen on stock cams was 146 WHP.

Most of the cars that I have seen with JWT S4s and S5s have made between 158-167 WHP.

Here is a small tid bit about JDM motors. There are a few JDM motors out there that make 175 HP. These motors cam out of the Autech Pulsar. There is also an Autech P10 that makes 180 HP.

These motors come with bigger cams about the size of S3s and 11 to 1 compression.

I know of one guy who got one of these motors from me. I wounder if you may have gotten one of these motors.

He put it in his car and all he had was a JWT Pop, HS header and 2.5 inch exhaust and he ran 14.3 at 97 MPH.

^About how many of these motors are out there? This info is new to me. I just googled this up from automotive helper.

2.0liter DOHC 16-valve 4-cylinder

2008-08-11 19:56:33
Originally Posted by BenFenner
Do you mean personally, or do forum members count?

I agree that 160 seems really high for his mods. I never really noticed that before. I guess the real problem here is that it feels slower to him instead of faster. The freak motor explanation could be it, or a freak day at a freak dyno... Are the S4s supposed to work well with adjustable cam gears? I have little experience with cams but it sounds like ignition timing would be a good thing to check, and cam timing might be another variable if someone else can chime in and say the S4s don't work well with stock cam gears and he shouldn't have even thought about this swap without adjustable cam gears.

^I've read a post from Rob that the S4's work well with stock cam gears and the BC's are the ones that don't work as well.

Originally Posted by robchaos19
Cam gears aren't as neccesary with JWT as they are with BC. JWT has the centerline of the cams themselves set to a pretty good all around advance/retard setting whereas BC cams did not have as much R&D put into them in terms of centerline so you have to set the overlap yourself to get the good gains. Hence the price difference. JWT is drop in goodness and BC requires some tuning.

^EDIT: quote from the old forum.
2008-08-11 20:30:09
I have never heard of a car losing power with S4's. Back in the day my DE gained 13 whp with S4's over my stock cams.
2008-08-11 20:51:50
Originally Posted by jer_760
Where are you getting that from

There is no reason to be revving to 8k with S4's installed straight up.

Anyway, I have also found that my old S4'd DE felt alot better with 17* base timing, maybe a tad more. Are you saying that the top end feels worse also? Cause you will lose some bottom end grunt with the S4's, enough for you to notice.

That's how my De with S4's was. I ran my timing at 19* also. It seemed to have the best balance of low end and top end. It ran okay revving to 7k. But after tuning it gained gobs of power running up to 8k.
2008-08-11 21:17:12
I have 10:1 DE, HC CAI, S4, Calum ECU with custom tune... all on stock header, cat, exhaust. Im reving to 8k, power is not falling. When i buy header and exhaust, i can rev over 8k with no prob.
2008-08-11 21:29:06
If any of you guys have S4 cams in your car, power will start to fall off by 7400 RPMs. Stop going buy the butt dyno, put the car on the dyno and you will see for yourselves.

Having the car pull to 8000 and having the car make power to 8000 is 2 diffrent stories.
2008-08-11 21:29:32
sounds like you either skipped a tooth on install, or the cams that were in there wernt stock
2008-08-12 04:06:48
Originally Posted by ca18
sounds like you either skipped a tooth on install, or the cams that were in there wernt stock

His car had stock cams before we dropped in the S4. It's a regular JDM DE and nothing more. My USDM DE at 214k mile had the same compression as his. 180 all across. Anyways after installing the S4 cams the car seem to have gotten slower for some odd reason or is this just how S4 feels??
2008-08-12 04:13:56
Negative, you can definitely tell a difference in the topend with the S4's and I even went from a lowport with highport intake cam to the S4's and felt the difference. Something is definetely not right. Did you turn the motor over a few times and recheck the cam timing?
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