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Thread: power fc won't save settings

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2008-08-05 03:00:56
power fc won't save settings
I need some guidance with my apexi power fc. It works fine but all settings are erased everytime the car is shutoff. I can't find any forum on this problem so I'm asking u guys for much needed help.
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2008-08-05 13:12:58
thats because you need to connect your main positive ecu wire to a constant power supply like the clock or off the main fuse panel, we found that out the hard way when trying to change settings on my buddies car, it even resets when the car is attempted to be started. personally its retarded so we called the guy who sold it to my buddy and he told us this, that it needs a constant power supply.
2008-08-06 13:46:12
I messed with the black/white power wire to the ecu and now my car won't start. I notice that with the key on its not getting but 10.5 volts now when it use to get 12.75. Could that be the cause of my not starting problem? Also there are two black/white power wires, which one am I suppose to supply the constant 12v to and should I use a toggle switch?
2008-08-06 22:04:57
no just tap them off the fuse box or something where you will get a good constant power supply that wont cut off. I would say that would affect it starting. i dont know too much about it i just know the problem that we were having and the correction for it and was told to rewire the power wire to the ecu to a constant.
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