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Thread: Alignment question

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2008-07-19 18:21:40
Ok so I just pretty much have to make sure I don't disturb the tie-rod and I should be good?
2008-07-19 18:23:50
2008-07-19 21:03:10
What about bad ball joints? I had bad ball joints, then i changed the whole control arm on both sides and now when i get on it, i get bad torque steer but always to the right, it feels as though it's sliding.

I'm wondering if when i changed out the whole control arm, i now get super stiff steering response, because i don't remember my front end sliding from before i replaced the control arms.

Unless the caster is out now, but our cars don't have adjustable caster?
I don't want to do an alignment yet, because i have to change out my outer tie rods, the boots are cracking.
2008-07-20 01:46:20
Originally Posted by squirlz
You do not have to remove the upper mount of the shock to change wheel bearings. If you ever took out the entire shock and upper mount you would see two arrows on them telling you how to align them. Since you just need to take out the spindle you do not have to take out the mount thus not disturbing the alignment of said arrows.

exactly what i was thinking.... i understand that if you were to unbolt the top of the shock, that may throw off the alignment especially those with camber plates. however, you dont need to drop the strut out to change the wheel bearing as stated above. thank you for all ten comfirmations though
2008-07-20 02:38:46
Hahaha trust me I really appreciate ALL the help
2008-07-20 16:53:10
man thats some bad advice.. you want to turn your tie rods and inner tie rods till they dont turn no more.. trust me your aligment will be super hahaha
2008-07-20 17:06:13
What do you mean?
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