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Thread: at wits end, engine wont start

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2008-07-22 03:46:00
That up down thing really sounds like the idle control parts, or vac leak if you had a jwt ecu or something similar. I really don't have any understanding about your ecu or your map sensor. Sorry I can't narrow it down for you, sometime you just gotta bite the bullet I guess. Good luck with it, post up your results
2008-07-22 04:23:13
the up down idle is caused by the auxilary air control valve being bad, which is pretty much a door that runs off resistance to open and close, when the go bad most of the time they stick open, therefore rushing all sorts of air to your IACV which makes the IACV have to work to correct the air coming to it, instead of letting just enough air past. i would pull off your IACV and AACV, and check them out. clean the IACV and probably replace the AACV.
2008-07-24 01:15:59
i Just replaced the aac valve.

and as far as biting the bullet lol i have been doing nothing but biting the bullet with this car, if i didnt like the car as much as i do i would get rid of it in a minute!

i JUST had the car tuned about 2 months ago that cost almost 700.00

this problem is going to at least cost 400.00 to address or fix, might be more

the tags and title expired that cost me 200.00

i recently did oil change on it that cost me 100.00

paying 250.00 a month for a car that doesnt run and just is costing more money

recent running tab of problems i have been having besides the no start:

rear fuel leak by the gas tank
coolant temp sensor went bad
aac valve went bad
map sensor wiring came loose
tps voltage needing correcting
fouled 5+ sets of spark plugs
replaced rotor button
replaced rotor cap
replaced spark plug wires
replaced faulty blow off valve
replaced fuel pump relay
had to buy fuel presure gauge to monitor fuel pressure

and ow on to of all those prolems i had, i have this one...believe me, alls i do is bite the bulet with this car.....and i HAVENT EVEN DRIVEN THE CAR but maybe 120 miles since i got it back.....its just crazy
2008-07-24 04:58:58
Tell me about it, I'm in the same boat more or less (less the high dollar tuning ) I don't even have the crazy set up you have. I have maybe driven my NX 6 months out of almost the past two years. The hang ups and waiting for parts wrong parts....One new part killing or needing 3 other parts just to get the **** to run right. It is always like I can fix this one thing everything else will be gravy, then some thing else blows or leaks or seizes

If I get much more the car is gonna lose the turbo.

I hope it helps you are not alone
2008-07-25 19:45:12
i definitly feel that. i ust wanna driver my car lol, its so messed up
2008-07-26 19:28:49
I have a feeling it's your ECU. It sounds like you have all the bases covered, but it's still getting too much fuel. I'm not sure how to check the ECU, but if you could replace it with a known working one for a minutes and try to start it, you could tell if it's bad or not...
2008-07-27 17:46:04
well if it was only that easy. my car is running off the aem ems and unfortunitly i cant just swap it out for a stock ecu as:

the aem ems is running the map sensr, which the stock ecu doesnt run, and the aem ems is running the air intake temp sensor, which the stock ecu doesnt run either.

so y car is completely configured for stand alone, not to mention if i did pull my stand alon for the stock ecu, i realy doubt the stock euc could handle the 72lb injectors so it would probably just caus even more problems, from the high fuel setup.

so i cant just pull it...i HOPE that it just a configuration problem and they can just get it fixed without a issue, maybe a pin came out or something along thos lines...

i really dont want to spend 6-700 to fix my car again
2008-07-27 18:50:35
Yeah I suppose it'd be hard to get your hands on another AEM for just a few minutes. Let us know what the problem was when you get her figured out.
2008-07-31 00:57:19
car is offically at the shop, pray for me lol
2008-08-01 20:25:48
well got the car back.

the main problem was the optical sensors in the distributor went bad, basicly the whole distributor went bad, got it replaced and now its runs good.

needs new plugs,disributor cap,rotor button...the tuner said the tune could us more of a clean up becuase the fuel presure the car was orginally tuned atis now different so it could use about a hour or 2 of tuning but im back in busniess!@
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