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Thread: Are these cars pretty much dead? (discussion thread)

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2021-10-13 13:04:09
Interestingly enough, my husband has been daily driving our current 1994 Sentra (just a 1.6 manual 5spd b13-- not an sr20) and for the heck of it I've been going on test drives of OTHER available stick shift cars.

I test drove the 2021 Kia Soul 6spd manual and this week the 2022 Toyota Corolla hatcback SE and also XSE manual 6 speed (both same day). I was not moved by the car and the damn 27 year old Sentra feels better/more responsive and faster than the 2022 $25k hatchback Corolla!

It's at a point where I'm not even sure I can find a brand new car I'd enjoy driving as much as the old-stand-by Sentra.. how sad is that?

2021-12-26 21:57:41
Feels like the FWD SR20 Nissans have died a good bit.

Prices on parts have become pretty ridiculous, and new part availability keeps diminishing year after year.

I've hoarded a good bit of great items. Thankfully I've insulated myself from the price hikes. For somebody new coming into the scene I'd probably just advise them to get into Hondas, BRZ/FR-S, or Miata. Bang for buck is not anything like it what used to be like on the SR20 platforms.
2022-01-20 03:23:49
My wife and I are still driving our b13 and b14 se-r's. Just picked up a NX1600 from a junkyard to save it from the crusher. Its a bummer that its so hard to find parts. But one thing is for sure...all of you guys that are still here enjoying these cars have been awesome. When ever I've had questions they've been answered. Needed a good how too thread, it was found. So thank you to you all!
2022-01-23 11:10:10
We currently once again own and daily drive a b13. Fortunately a lot of b13 parts are still plentiful and cheap thanks to being made in Mexico until 2016 but the SE-R items have gotten way out of hand on pricing so I seriously have my doubts about getting SE-R #3. I have vowed to never say never but the probability is pretty low at this point.
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