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Thread: Are these cars pretty much dead? (discussion thread)

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2021-07-31 17:20:40
Are these cars pretty much dead? (discussion thread)
So, first off I love b-chassis cars and have since my first one about 20 years ago. I currently have 2 b14's (one mine, one my son's). I recently broke the motor on my car doing a pull and missing a shift (a lot of carnage lol). No biggie, I'll just get a new motor...... or wait..... maybe not. I remember stock ones being all over the place. And you could get det's and ve's at every single importer. Granted, I understand that these cars are now 20 to 30 years old, but you can still get rwd sr's all over the place. I understand supply and demand, but it's taken me quite some time to find a stock fwd sr. I guess next time I'll have to upgrade to a ve, I just needed to get my car back on the road. I bought our 14's cheap remembering that motors are cheap, so basically you have a fun little car for almost ever. But after this difficultly finding a simple stock fwd sr, I found myself asking, are these cars pretty much dead?
2021-08-01 13:26:36
2021-08-02 09:53:36
Were you checking Car-Part.com ?
2021-08-02 20:12:17
I didn't even know that site existed. Thanks Ben. And yeah kyle, that's pretty much what I thought and my frustration in starting this thread.

In any case I did find a motor and it will be here on Friday. I'm gonna get a clutch and axles and do it all at once so I basically have a "new" car when I'm done.
2021-08-03 08:57:21
They are only dead if you let them die. There’s still a small loyal following but yes, they are past their prime for sure. Never quite attained the 510 status because FWD.
2021-08-03 23:01:49
These cars are coveted by some. Never had a following like most others. I still love them
2021-09-03 11:55:01
I’ve been building and driving them for 20 plus years now. Currently working on 2 b13’s classics now ?
2021-10-05 19:42:16
Unfortunately a large majority of the B13s in the USA have rusted away in the 'rust belt' and have long since been crushed.

You are very fortunate to live in a rust-free zone.

At this very moment we own another b13-- from a southern state and we've taken measures to keep it rust-free but it's literally only a matter of time before it gets bad like everything else from the 90s in this environment.

We do still enjoy the car and fortunately a lot of pieces and parts are easy enough to come-by thanks to the car being produced until 2016 in Mexico.

I also have no issue selling the car if a buyer presents themselves because it can and does become a bit of a hunt for certain items to make repairs. So it goes with older cars and that's just how it is.

I hope it's not completely dead though.. that would be a shame!
2021-10-09 20:54:25
Seems like it
2021-10-12 22:00:25
yes, I got a new motor but am currently having issues with it running properly. I started another thread about that. Yes, I am very fortunate to live in a rust free zone for the cars' sake. Cost of living vs wages suck but it is what it is.

I am glad to have my b14 and my son is glad to have his as well. I'm thinking about getting a p11 for my daughter and possibly getting another motor when one pops up. That way we can have 3 sr powered cars and 5 motors to cycle in and out and rebuild. LMAO.
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