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Thread: Help needed!!! Injectors 2 and 4 not firing

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2021-05-17 21:26:49
Help needed!!! Injectors 2 and 4 not firing
Long story short...attempting to start car that was sitting for >10 years in an effort to get it moved onto trailer. Car ran perfect when parked.

After draining gas, ungumming injectors, new plugs, fuel filter etc... Car finally started up but sounded terrible.

Lot's of troubleshooting with the FSM (and forum/google searches) has finally led to the conclusion that injectors 2 and 4 not firing via the ECU.

How do I go about checking what inside the ECU could be the culprit? This is a JWT ECU if that makes a difference.
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2021-05-18 16:04:40
So you're sure the injectors and wiring are good, and not the problem?
I'm not sure exactly what to look for in the ECU. Sorry. Fixing those is like TV repair, a dying art...
2021-05-18 22:38:23
Injectors are like-new again. I pulled them, cleaned them, bench fired them using carb cleaner and then checked resistance. All are good.

Checked wiring as well. Each injector gets 12v, injector grounds have continuity to the ECU harness (w/ no shorts). Injectors 1 and 3 modulate voltage correctly while injectors 2 and 4 do not. They act like they are open.

My only thought is that something might've fried in the ecu when the battery was reconnected after sitting for so long? I wish Calum was still here!
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