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Thread: sr20 b13 adv22vf brake option raybestos

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2021-04-03 13:56:13
sr20 b13 adv22vf brake option raybestos

what is your opinion

reason for asking my right front bracket holes are wider then new calliper guide pins and it does bounce and noise
2021-04-04 16:10:50
This belongs in the Brakes and Suspension section.
2021-04-04 19:11:42
im noob i admit

but this stuff for that price why not

and yes i went to over torque and watched my brackets and yes one is not in good shape and coilover did that i am sure and yes the whole set why not but quite confident just need bracket and not the calliper and that just because original nissan part hard are know good and i do happen to have a korean overspecced organic clutch that is where nissan japen already where good and bla bla so on and so on

the real difference yeah it worked well and the boink klunk at brake hit is like 90 percent lower but for how long not sure and just the extra jacking up and down is what bothers me for price well heck yeah
2021-04-06 15:26:30
i burned my korean clutch today it doesnt take 6000 my whole route 30 miles lesson learned now i will go easy and shave on the burning and the damned six bolts pattern on correct moment and two overtorqued bolts because i said that would hold but who am i

a tyre mechanic

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