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Thread: brake fluid loss

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2021-03-04 13:27:43
brake fluid loss
I see my brake fluid cannister empty itself faster then usual.

I did some quick checks but still I am clueless though it might be my new brake line that came without new cupper gasket.

Please advice one manned how to come by. I can get some help but I must explain to them how or how so.
2021-04-03 14:01:34
tomorrow inspection day front brakes it just my jack and not horizontal (street) and the face or a limb for destruction risk in change for knowing more but also know rinse repeat and yes i am aware i typed hard to read

it is a 1993 car and it gives up

the just refill the brake fluid i can agree to when i was 100 percent sure that my brake system would not say well now i blew something and you wanted me to brake well i don't right now and then just a seatbelt that might work i already bumped my head once forgetting my seatbelt and speed was below 20

2021-04-04 16:11:32
This belongs in the Brakes and Suspension section.
2021-04-04 19:05:24
heh sorry

today checked all brakes and yes fluid loss no way all good so no traces but cannister loss there

perhaps abs but now i can brake with confidence which i already had but now certainly so will slam my 24 millimeter rotors and still abs my eyes on got the books am noob still on lines that hold dot3
2021-04-06 16:31:31
working on it

abs system

drawings from nissan dealer books that are fsm and some new rockauto style bleed nipple
2021-04-11 16:35:04
also platinum wash with underside

no signs of low fluid level going lower while slamming

it might be me or my not so great bleeding but from max to almost min damn i do favour braking before wheel hp
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