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Thread: Misfire on Cynlider.#1.

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2008-07-14 03:40:35
Misfire on Cynlider.#1.
The problem is that im having a slight misfire at light throttle and also at idle(91'Highport SR I/H/E/adv timing.). when revved freely, engine sputters going up the band(sounds like boxer). But when driving @ WOT , car feels fine. when using light throttle @ cruising speed it breaks up, but when you apply throttle its ok. You pretty much have to stay in throttle for it not to break up. I have done the following: cap,wires,button,plugs,z32 fuel filter, changed MAFs & grounded, changed o2s, adjusted TPS, self diagnosed ecu and received code 13(ECT) which was replaced.
When plugs were changed, plug #1 had oil on the electrode, and the other 3 didn’t. plugs indicated that im running a little lean due to the whitish residue. I do have a leaking VC. I spoke to another forum member and he told me that a leaking vc o-ring for the plug could be causing it to seep down and maybe fouling up that plug? maybe broken oil ring ? Today I did a power balance test, and there was no difference in cylinder 1 when the clip was taken off. Any input would help.
2008-07-14 03:48:45
Checked compression? That will tell you some stuff anyway.
2008-07-17 02:01:13
Sorry dude. there isn't much that'll oil foul a plug besides valve seals or bad rings
2008-07-17 12:56:26
With a leaker VC O-ring, the oil pools around the outside of the plug. It will run down around the plug when you take it out, but it will look like fresh oil, not oil that has been burned. How about running a hotter plug in that cylinder?
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