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Thread: crash course drained battery fault searching?

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2020-12-06 13:28:23
crash course drained battery fault searching?
I was beating my egg a bit and this @ 16,5 mpg for 30 miles with some restarts and saw my headlight going yellow but wasn't very alarmed (ordered Philips Vision though for this one and a half coin bulb as a set with fuses and the usual bulbs) but now my egg let me down.

This was 5 miles from home. Jump started and long story.

I have a couple of days but I did not (approaching theoretically) get further then charge battery (100% sure flat) and measure voltage tomorrow or a day later and then start engine (it will, bendix hits it) and then look for over voltage.

But please tell me what steps to fault search between battery gone bad and the rest of my egg? Both are known good. Seriously I prefer cheap but alternator Hitachi and starter I wish Hitachi but currently at weird brand (but it drops bendix) and yes abs light, blue headbeam light.

This is theoretical fault searching mates, will replace what gave up, have budget for this
2020-12-07 16:03:07
Battery currently being overcharged by trickle loader did this before at known quite bad battery that one started nice and then died soon. Looking at this green thingy that still is black I am about to order a proper (Nissan original but brand put in like Monroe @ shockies) and expect to be done with it but who knows
2020-12-08 13:39:49
And yes, 24 hours fast loading (rabbit switch) and 24 hours slow loading (turtle switch). Green thing showed and voltage was 13,09V no load. Connected voltage was 13,01 volt. Turning lights on 12,1 volt and engine running 12,2 volt and this is what I worry about right now.

But this battery I have GS is overrated what they write about this specific type of battery (Silver) is way overspecced compared with what I have so thumbs down GS never again.

Will buy a new battery right now. Not sure that will fix my problem but I heard my starter starting it and it is known good starter and the CCA it needed where not there and this is not 300 to 400 have some measurements (came with this starter) should fire properly at low 100's so yeah a 60 Amp battery good for scrapping. Did not try it yet but someone told me if you can scratch the lead leads easy it is a bad battery (ran with one for 2 years though also below zero) however a new question appears

How do I go about testing or verifying or exclude what seems to be good on loading system (alternator plus the stuff I am unaware of for example the electronic board) for known good Hitachi alternator?
2020-12-12 12:43:39
Well that one went niceley. So I was quite sure my both alternator systems Nissans (one almost 200k miles not looked at) and other orginal Hitachi but reworked and yes a flat cheap battery. Am ordering stock battery (Yuasa) slow shipper and want alternator fast paying about 20 coins extra so I can be sure will have it friday evening. That autodoc is the rockauto and yes 9 days shipping happens

But road assistance helped me out and the first he said, hey that is a Datsun and next was, well you should get a new alternator so I take this advice since this road assistance knows better then I do.

But I solved my charging and battery issues for a good reason, a starter I probably should see or hear it going and for battery, just new enough and for alternator just new, do not want to be stuck on highway again.

I mark my topic solved Just some coins @ alternator twice and a new battery, charging and battery, not something to save on, road assistance explained to me. So that will be a 125 coins thrown at my other Nissan that is kind of 400 coins. But it drives

Re-reading my topic I noticed might be unclear but yeah it is all there, it ain't easy to read I admit
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2020-12-15 16:32:01
you can do an alternator upgrade. use an alternator from an 00-01 sentra SR20. if i remember correctly its 100 amp vs the stock being 80 amps
2020-12-16 17:24:37
Yes, I totally agree, I've seen 100 amps battery for a tenner or two
2020-12-17 12:40:45
Learning point reached. Mechanic former Mercedes I showed Hella alternator for 35 coins more. He said yes you have a Valeo on your Nx and I am aware still you want new alternator Micra so I tell you Mercedes just Valeo and Hella so point taken. We after this installed new tyres on a military vehicle. I am so happy right now. Go down christmas. cheers
2020-12-18 17:40:16
Originally Posted by richardwbb
Yes, I totally agree, I've seen 100 amps battery for a tenner or two

alternator* you mean?
2020-12-19 17:59:13
Originally Posted by SR20NYC
alternator* you mean?

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