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Thread: b13 stock rims and it's stock percussion lead be gone?

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2020-10-26 15:57:30
b13 stock rims and it's stock percussion lead be gone?
Not sure this should be in eggs but I figured all the stock b13's rims are tight fit with the ADV22F calliper.

This works, I checked it first, doesn't give noise, doesn't fall off, doesn't vibrate since it didn't fall off. No visible damage on the lead itself
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2020-10-27 12:37:01
I believe that’s an NX wheel which came stock with the ADV22 brakes so there should be no issues. And I think with some caliper grinding, they should fit beneath the B13 SE-R rims too.
2020-10-27 12:55:19
Yes I have an egg shelled b13. The lead shown on the picture was 0.1mm from the calliper but there is also flatter lead you can ask for at a tyre shop. They should have it because for example some nowadays BMW's have this kind of space. This flatter lead gave 0.7 - 0.8mm but those wheels are at the rear now. But this is Nx specific you say?
2020-10-27 12:59:06
Yes, those are egg-specific wheels. They are supposed to clear the ADV22F calipers.
2020-10-28 14:55:43
Noice that Nissan put percussion lead to it. I sense a bit that they do that purposefully on the other hand that is not Nissan as I know them but some brands do have useless percussion lead, two fingers room between stock rim and calliper :/
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