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Thread: Reaching the thermal sensor on a lowport SR20?

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2019-11-04 17:02:59
Reaching the thermal sensor on a lowport SR20?
It is possible that after my dropping an super glueing my leaking airfilter and swapping fuel pumps with unknown propterties, that my car went to open loop mode (audible annoying sound I failed to record properly on my phone), but I also noticed my engine temperature meter is on the lower side of a bit low (the latter I believe is expected with a SR20).

Looking up the location I remembered that nine or ten years ago I wanted to replace that sensor just like the thermostat as a good step but I decided not to lacking proper tools.

Now I learned by swapping three fuel pumps, one is just bad and gives a lot of open loop (long 3+ injector times with Datascan), that the fuel pump that is best by evaluation still gives open loop. That would mean glueing a leaking airfilter wasn't helpful engine management wise and that with that my I can be sure being way old thermal sensor dived enough to give driveabillity issues.

This is enough for me to tell my self, want to replace thermal sensor. I'm far enough I would let someone else do it and take my chances for the result that it will give but before I take this step I want to make sure that I did all i can to try loosen that sensor by myself.

So my introduction might be a bit long but my question is simple, how would a street mechanic with not much tools (but having access borrowin from a full scale car shop tools box), to loosen this sensor?

This sensor is just above the oil filter, has a red connector with the neat Nissan style metal pin that needs to be rised to remove the connector, but how do I access this?

My question, how to loosen this sensor just above the fuel filter? Real world examples would be great to hear for me.
2019-11-05 06:49:28
On my lowport, I just get a socket or wrench on it. It's like one of the easiest things I can think of to access...
Maybe because I have some stock items removed that are normally in the way?
I can't imagine why you're having trouble getting to it...
2019-11-05 06:52:30
It's not a great picture, but there it is in the bottom-left of this image (red plug). So easy to access...
Just remove the plug and put a deep socket on it?

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2019-11-05 06:57:31
I found another image of it. There it is on the bottom-left left again with the red plug.

2019-11-05 07:00:03
And another one.

2019-11-05 07:00:55
Maybe I'm starting to see the problem now? Does a socket not fit over the plug? You might have to use an open-ended wrench?
2019-11-05 18:29:33
I only know about highport (lowport looks easier) but the a/c lines dont make it easy. Also believe they make sockets specifically for sensors like this.
2019-11-06 08:12:57
Oh yah, my A/C is completely removed.
2019-11-07 16:28:29
I might sound a little short and critical but I'm not good with pictures and a lot of parts on it, however on the first picture I see a upside down black handle screwdriver where the tip dissapears behind the throttle cable? :S Also, what sensor is on that place?

On the second picture, yes, that is the one I'm worried about.

On the third picture, hey there that is quite accesible

What is an open ended wrench? I'm worried using a Is that a open ended wrench or are open ended wrench a bit more advanced?

My thermal sensor is a bit tilted while yours on the photo seems aligned with the oil filter. How tite was yours Ben?

I will investigate special socket.
2019-11-07 19:21:49
That image you posted, richardwbb, is of an open-ended wrench. I do not know of a special socket designed for the Coolant Temp. Sensor.
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