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Thread: Where are these sensors??

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2008-07-13 20:30:28
Where are these sensors??
Hi!!, i have a problem with my 200SX SE-R 96, i ran a self scan and gave me this failures:

0303 Front heated oxygen sensor malfunction*** Check the component & its circuit.

0304 Knock sensor*** The knock sensor is open or shorted.

can anyone tell me where are these sensors located????, and the possibble solutions??

Thx A lot
2008-07-13 21:15:18
First one is the o2 sensor on the header by the radiator. check your connection and the wires, if its old, maybe its time to replace it.

second one, no se.
2008-07-13 21:17:48
thkz bro!!
2008-07-13 21:19:02
No problem..
Anyone else know where the knock sensor is? i was always curious about where that one is.

Edit: searched, found some info..

Search Results page:

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2008-07-14 00:25:32
Knock sensor is underneath the intake mani on the back side of the engine. But iirc on our ecu's if one code is thrown, a lot of times the knock sensor will be thrown with it. I would replace the front o2 sensor with an oe style from your local parts house, then re-set your codes. If you get ANOTHER knock sensor code have fun getting to it with the engine in the car. But some times they do crack... Ask johnnywangwang
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