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Thread: B13 Classic Woes

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2019-03-03 16:31:17
B13 Classic Woes
So after a fresh rebuild with my classic i've been having a bit of an issue. After about 100 miles on the rebuild the car shuts off when i get to a red light, starts right back up and i'm on my way. As i keep using the car the problem gets more consistent and is now to a point where it will not stay on. At the moment the car will start up idle decently for a few seconds and then shut off. If i hold the gas the rpm will follow but gradually will start dropping to around 2500 with it sounding like its bogging. I pulled the plugs and they have a nice coating of sut on all of them and i'm getting a nice smell of gas. The vehicle ran well before this happened so timing should be set give or take with the new distributor.
Any suggestions on this would be greatly appreciated.

A few things i've replaced/checked so far:
- Distributor (it was leaking oil so i figured if it worked i'd kill two birds with one stone)
- MAF (After i replaced this i'm getting a MAF code being thrown, so i had it replaced again and still. I accidently broke my OE MAF)
- Leak Down Test came back good
- MAF is getting power (just a quick test light)

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2019-03-03 20:59:09
Maybe I'm not understanding the problem very well, but the idle control would be one of the first things to check? Everything electrical plugged in? All of the hoses hooked up? Nothing clogged?
2019-03-04 12:10:40
Does the idle control valve, control the air or fuel going in? Every thing is plugged in, and i'm getting fuel... just seems like to much from the smell of the plugs.
2019-03-04 13:55:10
It controls the amount of air going in.
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