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Thread: Oil Filter Exposed - 9 oilfilters gutted and reviewed

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2018-10-23 15:23:11
Oil Filter Exposed - 9 oilfilters gutted and reviewed
I've found a webpage that is quite old and maybe you know this already, https://www.spyderchat.com/forums/showthread.php?27947-Oil-Filter-Exposed It is saying what oil filters should be avoided.

Quote from this webpage: So after opening up all these filters and seeing with my own eyes what did I conclude? Dont buy fram or pennzoil. K&N and Mobil1 is NOT worth the $10. STP is the same thing as the high performance advertise oil fitlers, but at 5 bucks which came out to the biggest oil shocker for me. AcDelco is average maybe less than average. Bosch(Purolator) is a solid design and great for its price. Toyota OEM is a great filter. I bought a case of 10 for 5 bucks each at Twos R Us. You cannot go wrong with oem. TRD for 14 bucks and fancy paper material is unknown to me. Unless I have a crazy rev happy engine I would not spend 14 bucks on an oil filter. Maybe Im just cheap.

I wonder has someone opened a Nissan filter or does someone know by experience what filter to avoid or should be used?
2018-10-24 07:43:54
A similar tear-down years ago pointed toward Japanese OEM filters, or Purolator Pure One filters as an even better option. I switched to the Pure One Purolator filters back then.
2018-10-24 09:50:24
Denso, ftw.
(denso is OEM toyota and the great Keo told me that)

Amsoil sells the Wix Filters. I have been using Wix XP in the Va few times along with Denso. Great stuff.
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2018-10-28 18:33:29
I think Japanese OEM is my best bet then, because I'm in Europe. But I will keep an eye open for Purolator (I noticed it is Bosch but the brand Purolator doesn't seem to be marketed overhere) and maybe Denso but I doubt I will find it. Probably I should consider opening a filter myself before deciding to use that specific brand.
2018-11-02 18:53:13
Denso. Get them. Just had Blackstone Labs confirm out of the three tests I have sent them, Denso did the best job of keeping metals away from my sample, aka away from my reciprocating parts. And this was with an increase of the oil change interval.

DENSO 1502001 for the older style highport or JDM DET oil filter housings. (B13, P10, SR20DET from Japan)

DENSO 1502004 for newer style oil filter housings. (B14, P11 or B15 Roller Rocker, VE)

Keo is right!

P.S. For reference, thus far I have used K&N white filter, WIX (basic) and Denso. Just swapped on a Wix XP filter this last interval. Won't know results until spring or summer 2019.
Last edited by Kyle on 2018-11-03 at 09-25-02. Reason: added three reference filters.
2018-11-03 00:04:47
Thanks for the info Kyle.
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