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Thread: STD vs SAE Dynos

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2007-12-17 03:42:20
STD vs SAE Dynos
Continued from this thread:


Originally Posted by SE-Rawkus
EMS Stinger 4424
Eagle Rods
Weisco Pistons 8.5:1
Protech Tubular Manifold
Precision SC61 (Stage 5 rear wheel, E-Cover Comp.)
Tial 44mm
N1 Ported Manifold by Miko
Nismo 740cc Injectors
3" Aluminum IC Piping
Tuning by Andre Cargil

23 psi

Originally Posted by Naghebe
Do you have any corrected SAE numbers / graphs?

Originally Posted by SE-Rawkus
None of the "available" correction factors work on turbo engines, since it varies based on the map of the charger. Turbos function based on pressure ratio.

If you still insist in correction factors, given the fact the dyno temp was 94* F with relative humidity in the 30s%, SAE correction would likely be around 528-530 whp @ about 413-415 wtq.

Miami is at sea level. Correction factors only work in the west

I initially asked, to have a rough comparison since I have been running the same turbo. I have looked at other dyno sheets (Eric and Justin, I think) and they also made 5xx whp, at around the same boost level, but I'm more interested in the lag and response of each tune / engine combo.

Although I never insisted, I think this would make a good discussion (i.e not internet dyno number dick measuring).

My understanding of SAE versus STD is that with power is corrected to different references.

29.23 InHg (99 kPa) of dry air and 77 F (25°C) for SAE
29.92 InHg (103.3 kPa) of dry air and 60 F (15.5°C) for STD

That being said if your dyno numbers were already corrected for the above, then I fail to see how a SAE correction (lower pressure / higher temperature) would yield higher numbers. (Note: Im taking the pre-referenced correction from your graph 1.02)

STD is the correction factor on the Dynojet that shows the highest HP out of all the correction factors. This would put SAE correction in the high 400s.
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