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Thread: Ignition switch/lock question

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2018-07-07 07:53:53
What makes you think it should have come with it? Transfer your existing part to the new cylinder.
2018-07-07 11:28:03
The black plastic with the red wires coming out isn't removable, and on the new cylinder, there's nothing there inside where any contacts would be made even if the part could be switched over.
2018-07-07 19:16:10
It looks easily removable to me.
Can you slide the retaining clip outward like in the image below?

And I assume it's a solenoid with a plunger/shaft that protrudes to mechanically lock the key cylinder. No need for any electrical contact points.

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2018-07-27 21:14:11
sadly no, the retaining clip isn't actually a clip at all, it's cast as a solid piece with the rest of the unit. On the plus side, I think that little connector is my issue lately, but sadly, since the new ignition switch doesn't have one, i may have to just shell out for a whole new assembly, or just clip the wires and connect them when i need to start the car in the interim.
2018-08-02 18:52:40
Accidentally shorted out that little two red wire connection to my ignition while I was messing with it, and now the car won't idle right. Starts up, and immediately dies. Don't think I shorted my MAF, because I went in and tested it and all values seem normal, but now it wont run unless I keep on the throttle a bit to keep it from dying on me. I've adjusted my throttle cable to hold it above dying, but it's definitely not running right, and I'm wondering what might be connected to that circuit that I may have messed up? I should say I also did a quick pull the battery cables and reset the ecu, with the same results. Did I fry my ecu? What did I do!?!?!?!
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