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Thread: Seen on the internet, a supplement to FSM

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2018-06-21 10:08:54
Seen on the internet, a supplement to FSM

I bought one from this seller, so he has more then one. Supplement IV FSM. Link to ebay seller

I'm not sure I should go offtopic or not Ben.
2018-06-22 08:06:11
Neat find!
2018-06-22 08:09:37
Yah, I'm quite interested to know what's in there.
Go as off-topic as you'd like? The thread's in the right place.
2018-06-22 17:11:46
Well, first off, a friend of mine told me about this ebay seller and bought the book, I did too, grand total was $47 for Kopenhagen - ~Amsterdam. The delivery time was next day.

Second, I helped another friend with an egg's windows not going open any longer. I told him it was 90% chance it was the module in the door (that part is becoming hard to get and my first mentioned friend even considers a SMD welder for it). I just wanted to write that I've found the module (25401-70Y61) and with the module from the passenger door (to be sure) and to avoid double shipping cost. However in the end it was the module on the drivers side.

But, this friend that considers a SMD welder and has this supplement just like me, had a different meaning then me, on who is right, the first egg with the gray striping, that is what pdf FSM is based on and I say this supplement is based on the egg version where the striping is in the same color as the car itself.

However, he has been a mechanic for a Nissan dealer (and knows things I don't) and said, different parts, one can not interchange modules, I couldn't believe that and told him I did this repair twice before, that was just luck then I said and another egg related friend said based on his own experiences (and helping dozens of people with egg's for free or not expensive), that is where my 90% comes from, because he says so and is also a knowledgable person.

Why this story?
I've photographed BF-30 from FSM and BF-2 from supplement IV.

It proves there is a difference found for pin 8, supplement says it doesn't exist any longer. I know this is a minuscule difference, I am also aware the GA16DS is not USDM so there is a possibility the NX1600 engine or chassis hasn't been modified, though I doubt it, but I said to this former Nissan mechanic that as far as I know the wiring loom without engine loom, is the same (we do have other connectors for headlights for law stuff, then the USDM ones. I'm not aware of JDM differences, but I still bet a manual (by hand) built loom isn't changed, only if it's really necessary and they rather wire things then not (but I forgot checking that).

I am aware of my lengthy post, but I'll let you know, when I have read some more of this supplement (this was my first and only opportunity I've had).

Why did I bought this book? Because it is getting harder to keep an egg in good condition and I also have Nissan FAST but trying to getting it to work, maybe I'll post a topic and I believe at the time of buying that it was worth the $47 (including shipping, no customs, second hand). If you have the paper FSM version with a separate volume three, this book is about twice as thick and that is 21mm (53/64 inch).

Here is a photo with highlighted detail of (pdf) FSM May 1990 edition

Here is a photo with highlighted detail of Supplement-IV (September 1992 edition)

And here is the backside of Supplement-IV

Again, I'll investigate that book for any clues for usabillity, in the meantime, you might want to post a well placed question to me (because I'm a bolt on grade mechanic that did do rod bearings though.)
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2019-09-30 18:53:58
To learn to find more about the ignition switch, in the end I learned it is a repaceable part. But after seachting for this I noticed something.

Here is a picture from the fsm that is the regular one.

The supplement is saying

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2019-10-02 15:34:43
At first I was a bit surprised I didn't receive replies but now I notice I forgot one picture. Yesterday it was late and I went straight to bed because my lights went out, believing I have posted this picture also. Am I correct there is no source available yet?

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2019-10-02 16:21:44
I have a wiring diagram for the B13 chassis. These images look like they come from the wiring diagram. Larger than the fat FSM size.
2019-10-02 18:16:11
Okay. I'm not sure what you are telling me. I am aware I own a copy of the supplement-iv and I believe my last picture shows something that is not in the pdf fsm. From there I started this topic and for friends that tell me something is interesting to them, I'll scan a nicely zoomable pdf. And put it on the internet
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