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Thread: running rich and dying...

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2008-07-12 16:30:52
This is a pic from my idle system thing, but you can see the gauge on the right side inline with the fuel filter to rail.

2008-07-12 18:58:36
im with danja, having a gauge under the hood 100% of the time is a constant ruler of fuel, lets you kno the fuel pressure, with your acc on, engine on and unplug the vacum line and gives the reading of fuel at WOT. also lets you know if your fuel pump is working/priming...also lets you know if your injectors hold fuel pressure or if you have a leak..its one of the best investments you can get
2008-07-13 06:05:40
Originally Posted by ny5speed
I dont have an adjustable FPR but maybe i should try that... I'll check the voltage on the coolant temp sensor... i'd guess it is changing though since the guage moves.

No CEL...

There are two coolant temp sensors, the one wire is just for the gauge, the two wire is for the ecu and it's the one you need to check.
2008-07-14 21:43:00
Crazy weekend, haven't gotten to check anything yet... i'll keep you posted.
2008-07-15 22:48:51
Put a new bosch o2 sensor today, cleaned the plugs and we're back in business. Still gonna get a fuel pressure guage for under the hood though.
2008-07-16 15:12:00
I do want to make sure everything keeps running right... what are the voltage reading supposed to be on the TPS .4 and 4.0? And for my setup what Gap would you guys reccomend on Bkr6e's?
2008-07-17 16:02:03
.28 or .30
2008-07-18 01:10:26
My FSM doesnt have nice bookmarks and it doesnt let me search for some reason. I am new to electrical diag soooo... how do i go about testing the TPS. I have a DVM. Also, not to sound like too much of a newb, but where is the coolant temp sensor in question here? Is it on the pass side under the intake mani?

Thanks in advance again!
2008-07-18 02:34:59
Yes, that is the location. The plug in question has two contacts in the plug, and it is the one that feeds the voltage to the ECU; the single contact one right beside it feeds the dummy guage.

2008-07-18 13:51:11
i had the same problem with you with my DET. Turned out to be the knock sensor and the IACV
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