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Thread: Need help with clutch install: shifter is wrong position ?

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2017-04-25 03:04:06
Is it clicking, clunking, popping or maybe a thud? Is it continuous? Does it increase with speed? Does turning make it worse or better? Plz describe more in detail.
2017-04-25 03:04:29
It does really sound/feel passenger axle related tho. We didn't need to remove the drivers side for the install. I remember one time in my B13 the axle nut fell off and it kinda sounds like that

Edit: no clicking or popping or thud- just a grinding noise like something is rubbing that shouldn't be. And yes the sound increases with speed, almost like the same speed the wheel is turning

Edit again: making physical turns doesn't see to make a difference
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2017-04-25 03:17:46
Oh and the car sounds fine when just idling. No vibrations or odd noises. Only when you past like 15mph does the "rhymic" grinding sound start
2017-04-25 03:19:44
Go bend your dust Sheild away from your rotors
2017-04-25 03:23:32
You think I accidentally bent one forward maybe? Suppose it's possible and I can check tomorrow.. but what about the clunk kinda sound from under the car? It feels like something heavier..
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2017-04-25 03:34:22
Sorry didn't see you say clunk.. all I can suggest is making sure there are NO missing bolts an make sure they are ALL tight

Is it like clunk clunk clunk clunk as u drive or just random? What sets off the clunk?

And the grinding I've done myself multiple times lol, always been the shields for me.
2017-04-25 03:36:29
It's a rhythmatic clunk. Feels like someone is banging something lightly underneath the car. As you slow down it slows down and as you speed up it speeds up.

All bolts are accounted for except the short 14mm trans bolt but surely this can't be from that
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2017-04-25 03:50:30
I'd Jack up the car an see if I could enduce the sound by hand some how.. check for wheel bearing play or anything you can think of..

Hell you might even put it in gear an let it idle while on Jack stands an look/listen for it.. but be careful man that's Shits sketchy.. my butthole is on full pucker every time!
2017-04-25 04:11:19
Ok. I'm going to drive again around the block and see if I can take a video and capture the sound it's making on my iPhone and post here
2017-04-25 04:33:39
Per text convo just now w/ Ray we think it's the passenger side wheel bearing that went to shit during the axle removal
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