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Thread: Need help with clutch install: shifter is wrong position ?

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2017-04-26 22:30:26
Originally Posted by daveracer
So was the wheel bearing trash or what?

It's going to be quite soon. What happened was he outer ring became loose and dislodged and all the grease picked up dirt and such. It will be ok for a little while, but that ring really isnt supposed to come off like that - so its remaining life is short
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2017-04-27 20:11:18
Guys- check out my clutchmasters fx500 disc after about 40k miles. I can't believe how worn down. It was slipping so bad, you could start the motor, put it in reverse and fully release the clutch and the car didn't even move.

The pressure plate actually looks OK though.
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2017-04-27 20:24:22
I forgot to add- for some reason previous owner welded the gear oil fill plug so I had to remove the speed sensor at the back of the trans to get the new stuff in. (Another lesson learned: before you drain the old oil you should check the fill plug is in working order). This way was a bit more of a pain on a 98 because of all the extra crap above the area but not too bad.

You unclip the electrical connection (its kind of weird with a bracket but it pulls off) and then reach back there with a socket and extension/swivel to remove the 1 bolt 10mm and then the speedo kind of twists out:

Then get a long funnel of one with a flexible hose - I can't find mine so I had to improvise this way and pour in the new fluid and replace the sensor, nut and reconnect harness.

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2017-04-27 20:49:34
Here is the drain plug - completely fine:

And unfortunately as mentioned in the post above, the fill plug was absolutely "boogered up" - I assume perhaps it was stripped out by previous owner:

Yikes! Thank the Lord for the SR20s old fashioned mechanical speedometer hole!
2017-04-27 21:25:24
Im really surprised that clutch lasted that long lol, probably because it was on an under-powered engine tho..

also be careful with that rock auto lca, it's all cool getting cheap parts till it breaks and you wreck..
2017-04-27 21:29:04
Yeah that's true. I have a DE w all the bolt ons, S3 cams etc so be lucky to make 145WHP.
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